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  1. jedmxr

    Street legal 450R?

    Thanks guys.
  2. jedmxr

    Street legal 450R?

    First question is can you ride a 450R every day back and forth to work and will it hold up? Secondly what does it take to make it street legal.
  3. jedmxr

    Right radiator 2002/2003

    oooops...i see now. my first post was messed up. what i meant is will an 03 right radiator fit on an 02 bike.
  4. jedmxr

    Right radiator 2002/2003

    Thank you.
  5. Will a 2003 YZ250f right radiator fit on a 2003 YZ250f?
  6. jedmxr

    03 exhuast question

    I have an 03 CRF 450R and i crashed up my muffeller. I found a replacement on ebay but it is for an 04 and 05. will the 04/05 work on the 03.