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  1. I have been doing them for about 2 years now and I love them. I am someone who does not like the gym and gets bored really quickly. So I like not being in one place for more than a few minutes. Im always doing different things. In the course of 2 years I have had my trainer at the gym make me a new program every some many months or so. I have about 6 I can rotate through right now. Last night he made me another one using plyometrics and my legs were dying. good workout.
  2. pmpski_1, I normally, try to get myself in the 85% range of my heartrate. For me thats about 140-150ish. No matter what im doing, I never see my heartrate get over 165-168. So I would say that its a hard pace. Enough that I would not want to carry on a conversation.
  3. Im a big fan of intervals too. I have lost 60lbs since starting them two years ago. I normally do a combination of lifting, then cardio. I use the eliptical/steps/bike, I cant run after I broke my leg, bothers my knee too much. The trainer at my gym set this up for me, sorry if I dont know all of the names for the excersises, im not a fitness expert by any means. Sample: 5min steps on level 10 superset bench press/shoulder press 3 sets each, 5 sec. only rest between sets is the time it takes to get from one machine to the other. I try to get 13-15 on the first set and as many as I can on the following two sets. If I get over 10 on all three sets, I up the weight. 5min cardio dips/reverse flys 5min cardio dont know whats its called, but I use this bar that spans the distance between two cables. I use it to do a combination of a press/row 5 min cardio cable flys/dumbell extensions 5min cardio tricep pull dows using both positions on a curved bar that rotates, alternating between the two 5 min cardio tricep pull down using rope/tricep dips 5 min cardio sit ups/crunchs/ab machine Last night I was a little short on time and I really try to hit the spin classes at my gym when I can. But I did bring my HR monitor. leg press/leg curl then to my 30min spin class then 15min on the eliptical total time 58min aver. HR 121 total calories 588 in zone 41min Not great, but I did not have the time for a full work out last night.
  4. I have one on my 05 CRF450. Love it. I had 20mm RG3 offset clamps and once I tried the e-axle out with the stock clamps, I ebayed them. I have been running it for 2 full seasons with out issue.
  5. Unfotunetly no. Would that help?
  6. Thats cool. Well if anyone knows a way to do this in NJ, please let me know.
  7. Russel, Is your bike an R or an X model? I have a CRF450R and I looking into making it street leagal, but I dont know of a way to do it in NJ.
  8. Supercross

    They have all been a dissapointment compaired to Bailey
  9. Supercross

    My bet is that if everything goes smoothly at the x-games, the ama will let him race again by the US open.
  10. I have a related question. I messed up the threads on one of the valve cover bolts and I need to chase the threads with a tap. Can anyone tell me what thread (size/pitch) is used on that bolt?
  11. Supercross

    wow, that was a shot! Too bad, he was doing better and better this season.
  12. Supercross

    1/2 hour? holy crap, thats awesome. Nearest one to me is 1.5 hours. most are over 2 hours
  13. Supercross

    I left after the first two motos, they were a snore. Stewart was 20 seconds ahead of second place by lap 4. Villopoto was almost as gone on dungey. I lfet because I knew the storm was comming and I didnt want to deal with the mud. I heard the second motos were much more intresting because of the conditions and the fact that cody cooper gave stewart a decent run in the mud. Kinda wish I stayed, but im also glad I didnt have to do the 3.5hr drive home, soaking wet and covered with mud.
  14. Supercross

    Not saying that it will, but it can certainly change. Remember a few years ago when mike brown was picked, then began having poor results. He was replaced by tesdesco. So if alessi is back and healthy, I wouldnt rule it out completely.
  15. I had to bail after the first motos. Was it a mud fest for the second motos?