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  1. RML222

    No More Side Plates!!!!

    im sure a lot of teams will still run the numbers on their bikes, but it will look more euro style. besides, with the way the bikes are being designed now, side plates are getting smaller and smaller every year
  2. RML222

    rv 450

    http://www.racerxill.com/articles/detail/3159/monday-conversation-ii-ryan-villopoto.aspx theres the answer
  3. RML222

    200xc vs 250f

    my 08 200 eats 250fs alive, and its good on a moto track too
  4. RML222

    Anyone run 661 helmets?

    Ben Davis died from a head injury a couple years ago wearing a 661 helmet. Be smart and spend the extra money for an arai or shoei
  5. RML222

    Rumor Has It

    mammoth is open!! They opened up the new track on thursday. I rode there then and on sunday. Some people hated the track, but some people love it too. Heres some pics from yesterday.
  6. RML222

    Your biggest jump!

    my biggest was probably this 100ft table in trukee. 3rd wide open out of a corner on my 125. definatley a fun jump
  7. RML222

    I hate california

    drop the needle 1 or 2 positions, it would take 10 minutes tops
  8. RML222

    OTD price of a 125sx

    i got my 07 for 5700 otd
  9. RML222

    2008 Ktm 300exc-e

    i think all the technology is cool, but who the hell needs electric start on a 2 stroke? how lazy are we getting these days people?
  10. RML222


    the 07 125sx is a 6 speed. the 04is only a 5 sppeed. also new frame and suspension and cylander i believe.
  11. RML222

    Why is the 125SX the best 125?

    i have an 07, and i have to say, its the best bike ive ever had or ridden. Ive ridden all the brands 125's and the KTM just feels so much better. the mags say it doesnt handle that well, but i disagree, it corners like its on rails! and as for power, it feels faster than my 06 crf250r! Also, everything on the bike is built so well that its practically bulletpoof. The more you work on it, the more things you will find that a Jap bike would never have. Hands down the best 125 ever
  12. RML222


    my brother used to have an 05 and i have an 07. the 07 is much better in my opinion, it handles great and is extremly fast for a 125
  13. RML222

    07 125SX problem

    thanks for the help guys, but it turns out that some electricalplugs had water in them (it was raining at the race). also some were slightly loose, causing the bike to cut out. thanks a lot for the feedback. im leaving today to go ride for the whole weekend in smith valley nevada, ill let you know how it runs!
  14. RML222

    07 125SX problem

    i recently bought an 07 125sx and i have owned it for almost 2 months now and it has had no problems at all until my last race. i was racing at honeylake, CA, the elevation was about 4200 feet and i had raced there a week before and the bike ran good. but this time when i was racing the bike started cutting out and and it would bog out of corners. then i was going up a hill and the bike just bogged out and died. it wouldnt start for about 15 seconds. when it started i got going again and it was running alright, but then it started bogging again then died again! i tried to keep riding but the bike would keep dieing and not starting for a peroid of time. i came into the pits and changed the plug, and it still would die, then i thought my spark arrestor might be clogged, so i put my shorty on, but that didnt help either. i was forced to dnf. at home i pulled off my side case cover (left side) and checked for moisture. it was completly dry. i also checked all the electricals and everything looked good. what could be the problem?
  15. RML222

    sx 125 or sx 144??????????

    i just got an 07 125sx a while ago, and i love the thing, it handles great and has great power for a 125.