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  1. jack_88

    Air box mod + white smoke, normal?

    will that be expensive to do??
  2. jack_88

    Air box mod + white smoke, normal?

    sorry, i think i might have miss lead you there. the water was in a down pipe of a wierd thing which is connected to the air box. i just looked at the online parts catalogue and it is called a breather assembly! ps it does smoke less once warmed up!
  3. jack_88

    Air box mod + white smoke, normal?

    Does it all the time, even once the bike is warmed up. i havn't checked the plug, what should i look for? not sure about the fuel, the bike is 12 uears old, with only 4000km on the clock and i don't suppose the tank has been flushed recently! i refill when i get to the reserve, could this be causing the smoke?? the strange thing is, when the bike is idleing it will not smoke. with one hard rev it will still not smoke, but after three or four hard revs it starts to smoke right throug the range! I took the water out of the wierd thing connected to/infront of the air-box, is this linked? cheers
  4. jack_88

    Air box mod + white smoke, normal?

    I have just removed the snorkel from my '93 ttr 250 and drilled a series of holes in the top. it now burns white smoke out the back when revved, is this simply a badly set up carb, or am i doing damage?
  5. jack_88

    Ebay Exhausts....

    There are loads of exhausts on ebay (which appear to be the cheapest place to buy!?!) for the ttr 250. my problem is that they say they only fit the new model, 1999 onward bikes, and mine is an older, white bike. will it still fit or can i not get new exhaust for this model of bike?
  6. jack_88


    I want to get more power out of my '93 TTR 250 now that i have mastered the bike! I obviously want to do the air-box mod, but i also want my bike to remain fully water-proof... what are my options? (also, what is jetting?)
  7. jack_88

    Starter Motor

    All the idler gears are fine, but the main one out of the starter's teeth are smashed!
  8. jack_88

    Starter Motor

    Hey guys, when i turn my TTR 250 ('93) over, there are loud metal-on-metal bangs coming from the left side of the engine! i have had all the covers off and the one way baring seems to be working perfectly. all of the idler gears have just been replaced and are in good nick, but the main gear out of the actual starter is very worn. whenever i take off the small cover, it is full of metal filings!!! i seriously dont want to have to replace the whole starter and dont know what to do!!! cheers P.S. it is at the stage now where it will not even start!!!
  9. jack_88

    starter issues!!!

    how much would a whole new starter cost then???
  10. jack_88

    starter issues!!!

    sorry, i was pretty vague i guess! ur right its a 93 ttr250. i mean the electric start-the gear/cog which is turned by the actual electric starter!
  11. jack_88

    Advice needed: TT600R Dry sump?

    when the engine oil (4 stroke obviously) is not stored under the engine in a traditional sump it is said to have dry sump. the oil is stored elsewhere in another container and fed into the engine from there. these are useful in race cars as they prevent oil surges. they would be good on a bike i presume because they would allow you to wheelie 4 ages without oil starvation. hope that answers ur Q!
  12. jack_88

    starter issues!!!

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get the gear/cog which is attatched directly to the starter (ie turns that big idles behind the engraved cover)? my ones teeth are shot, but i heard i will need an entire knew starter!! part number would be great!
  13. jack_88

    PlEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its not that bad is it??? im certain it is 4 stroke oil i used! what i dont understand is why the bike acted differently with new oil than the old stuff!?! also, when i drained the oil, i had to tip the bike on its side, (oil out the top up hole) as sump plug is worn away, could this of had an effect? sorry if i annoyed any of you, a bit naieve at this
  14. jack_88

    PlEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HI, i have just bought a 1993 TTR 250 from a bloke who i reckon was pretty untrustworthy. it runs like a dream and only has 3700km on the clock. i decidied to change the oil the other day as i imagine the previous owner never bothered. i took your advice from previous threads, and bought some special high performance motorbike oil. (made by ESSO, do u have that in US?) i rode gently for a few km and put it away, all seemed well. the next morning i warmed it up and rode it hard like usual, and noticed white smoke out the back, not plumes of the stuff but a bit when revved. (burning oil me thinks). i rolled it home, let oil settle for a few hours and checked oil on the lens job, it seemed lower. (can you detail how to use the lens properly pls.). i topped up the oil, and white smoke continued and the starter started to grind and 'bump' a little. i took off the cover to find the gears were toast and many metal particles in the area. what should i do? are starters a common weakness?? please help me over here in England thanks in advance!