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  1. lvr0mountains

    Problems with Acerbis tank with TM36 carb

    I had no problems with clearance after thei nstall and rode about 80 mile on Saturday with no problems. I even went down mildly with no problems or damage to the radiators. I did install the provided radiator braces. I did have some jetting issues but I haven't rejetted since moving to CO from Idaho and we were up around 10-11K feet. I will try to get some pictures of the set up for folks.
  2. lvr0mountains

    Problems with Acerbis tank with TM36 carb

    Hi Gang, I didn't get any responses but went ahead and ordered and installed the tank. Just an update that there were not any major issues with this combination. I did have to shim the rear of the tank near the seat to get just a little bit more clearance for the carb. I used two washers under the rear mounting bolt. So for reference there isn't any issue with using an Acerbis tank with the TM36 carb. I'll post another update after this weekends 100 miler.
  3. I was wondering if there are any know problems with using the Acerbis tank with the TM36 pumper carb? I am considering putting this tank on but wasn't sure if I might run into issues such as clearance, petcock spacer with new tank, etc. Anyone?
  4. lvr0mountains

    Magura 314 question

    Yup, the cable is on top.
  5. lvr0mountains

    Magura 314 question

    I use KX Hi bars and bought a magura 314 throttle but the brake lever and perch are hitting the throttle housing and don't want to let the brake lever close. What brake lever or perch are you magura guys using? Were you able to use the stock brake with your 314 (maybe a different lever)? I'll see if I can take a picture tonight if you guys can't make sense of what I am talking about. Thanks fellows, now go stretch your chain!
  6. lvr0mountains

    HELP overheating at higher altitiude??

    Thanks sanngair! We plan to go out this weekend althought it won't be a fair comparison as it is still very cool in the mountains up here in Idaho and I am not sure we can get up to high because there is still snow up there. I will post my jetting setup, temp, and altitude from the next ride. Sangair what do have for intake and exhaust (open airbox, header and pipe)? I ask because I might need more fuel if you don't have a headpipe, I think I recall you have modded the hell out of your dirtslinger
  7. lvr0mountains

    HELP overheating at higher altitiude??

    I started running engineICE for coolant. Bike is an 03. Overheated within seconds of stopping after a climb both times. Ran it hard but not WFO mostly mid-full throttle so I don't think it is a lean pilot. Although mixture will richen at higher altitude it is a bit colder the higher up I go. It was however hot on the days it overheated 90s and dry. Problem started after using engine ICE but it was premixed so that shouldn't be a problem. I did overheat when I first got the bike but was basically running on the pilot all day looking for deer with little airflow on the bike. I'll try tweaking the jetting this weekend and if that fails I'll go back to the tried and true green fluid with maybe some water wetter. What do you guys run for jetting on your TM36 (please give setup full exhaust, altitude, etc. so I can compare apples to apples)? Thanks
  8. Hi gang. I seem to be overheating at altitudes above 6K when running hard. I can't seem to figure it out. I seem to be jetted correctly. I would think that I would run leaner the higher I go and shouldn't overheat. Anyone heard of this? Ideas. I run a tm36 pumper with a 132.5 main, 15 pilot, 1.5 turns out, 3rd clip on a 50 needle, a p8 needle, WB header and silencer. It's happened twice now when riding in the mountains. Not a lot of stopping but some short breaks while waiting for people at forks in the trail. Boils right out the expansion tank. Think a higher pressure radiator cap is the solution? Can the KLX300 handle the higher pressure cap of the KX500? Thanks
  9. lvr0mountains

    Water Wetter

    Your not doing anything wrong. As I said Engine Ice is an alternative coolant. It comes premixed with de-ionized water at a 50/50 coolant/water mix. Use as is straight out of the bottle. By the way I run it also and had a boil over this weekend . It was hot and we did run hard, lots of hill climbs. Hills work the bike hard but with little air flow over the radiator. So it seems the stuff isn't any better than the plain old green ethyl based coolant except for it being less toxic. I am thinking of adding some water wetter.
  10. lvr0mountains

    Water Wetter

    Engine Ice and water wetter are two different products. Engine Ice is simple a propolyne glycol base rather then the standard green elthyl glycol. Basically the same colling properties but safer for the environment. Water wetter is a surfactant which reduces the size of air bubble (dish soap is a surfactant but don't even think about adding that due to foaming). By reducing the size of air bubble at a spot where water is boiling there is more contact between the water (coolant) and the metal parts. More surface area means more cooling. It is true that if you use only water and water wetter there is no boil over protection as the water wetter doesn't increase the boiling temp of the water like the glycol based coolants. You could try both but I don't think it is need. Ride that bike don't let it idle with no movement and you won't have a problem.
  11. lvr0mountains

    Front Suspension advice needed

    Oh yea, I'm 5'10.5" at 198lbs and have the same bike (03 klx300)
  12. lvr0mountains

    Front Suspension advice needed

    Good timing tuhge, I just finished upgrading my suspension last week. I went with .44 springs from race-tech as well as a gold valve kit. Let me answers you questions. 1. The only special tool you will need is a 30mm socket for the nut on the top of your fork (you might get away with an adjustable wrench). You should also have a torque wrench. If you change the seals you will need new fork oil. You may also need some 400 grit sandpaper. It may be the hard landing that blue your seal but it may also be a nick in the lower fork tube that cut the seal as the fork moves up and down. You need to feel the entire surface of the fork to check for nicks if you find one sand it until its smooth. This nick can come from hitting a rock or falling, etc. etc. 2. I think it is best to take the forks off to change the seals. I don't think you even do it with them on. You should have a bench vice for seperating the upper and lower forks to get at the seals. 3. You are not over your head! In addition to springs, seals, and fork oil. You need to check the bushings for wear. Its easy to see if the tephlon coating is rubbed off. You may need to replace them. You should try to find the race-tech video for forks, I think they sell it on their website for $20 its worth it, walks through all steps! Let me know if you need any additional info. I'm glad to help
  13. lvr0mountains

    Help! Throttle cable confusion and tm36 parts ????

    Thanks for all the help folks. As always you came through
  14. lvr0mountains

    Star Gear or other?

    I have an 03 klx300 and seem to have a problem finding/staying in neutral. I do not have a problem with popping out of second. If I stop and shift into neutral as I let the clutch out it seems to be or pop into gear. Its like I have to hold the shifter with my foot until the clutch is out enough to ensure it is indeed in neutral. Is this the same problem or is something else going on? I thought this was fixed in 03 and newer bikes? Thanks in advance for help.
  15. I recently upgraded to a Mikuni TM36 pumper carb. Please help me understand the difference between the push/pull cables and a straight pull. Why use one over the other? It is my understanding that the push/pull was more of a safetly feature, but I could be wrong (happens often ) I would like to make use of my existing throttle by getting longer cables but the used carb I got has one of the cable mounting brackets grinded off . My options are A. get a new cable bracket for the tm36 carb (where I don't know ) B. have a nut welded onto the spot that was ground off that allow the cable to be mounted so I can use both cables with stock throttle C. get a new pull type throttle Does anyone know what cable are used with this mod, I know they are longer but not sure what other bikes use the new cables that fourstrokeworks sells?Ideas and suggestion