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  1. while your callin ron ask about valves. search this forum about your kw valves.
  2. ...and money
  3. this could happen to him...
  4. can anyone confirm the length of the fcr bellmouth from an e. i have a fcr with a bellmouth from a yz400, and i am sick of wrestling with the s boot and sudco adapter. i'm wondering if i get a e boot will it work with a yz400 bellmouth.
  5. I bought a full yosh off ebay, and after bolting it up it was banging my unabikers, horizontal support rod. After some searching I came up with some ideas but I thought I'd throw up another post for some info. I started by dremeling the whole up, for the bottom horizontal support rod. Then I test fit the rod and found I had to cut half of the fan support tab. Then I marked and ground down the support rod. Bam boom and it fits with about 1/8" clearance. What you don't see is I put some heat tape on the bottom of the radiator where its closest to the pipe
  6. i'm not really considering buying this. but i noticed these pop up on fleabay lately.
  7. i know my friend has wr426 and his brake rotor is the same exact as my drz's
  8. michelin supermoto tubes are thickies the note says "a heavier tube reinforced to withstand the added stress from sliding the rear in corners" in supermoto slang its really saying "thick as hell for backin it in" THIS IS POST 69th post
  9. whats everybody running for peg sliders? i like the ufo ones, but they're not for suzukis. my friends got some yamaha ufo's on order and i'm gonna see if they fit on upgraded tusk pegs.
  10. i always miss it. when was it?
  11. i found some gnarly web cams on fleabay. what kind of motor would benefit from these cams?
  12. hate to steal the thread but, whats the diameter of the e air boot? the bellmouth adapter is a little bigger than the s boot. spray a little lube on it so it can slip on easier. its a good idea to have it installed on the carb off the bike for like 10 minutes so you kinda prestretch the opening so its easier to install in the bike.
  13. i cleaned my air filter a year ago and i thought i had lost spacer. up until a month ago when i noticed when i took the filter off the cage, the spacer was on the cage.
  14. i have those flushmounts. they fell off on the trail. there are two designs one with a tiny screw and adhesive and another with just adhesive. get the one with the additional screw.
  15. yeah i don't know about classifying it supermoto. it looks like a small displacement naked bike, with longer forks.