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  1. motosinva


    I am about to switch to a new pro taper handlebar including new grips. Do I need to use a specialty adhesive for the grip or can I substitute with something i may already have. Any thoughts on that would be helpful. I have everything I need to do the swap, but the grip adhesive and I am anxious to get started.
  2. motosinva


    Thanks for all the input...i understand how they work now and have decided to go with a pro taper 7/8 with crossbar and trim to my desired width. I wouldnt be in this boat, but i cut the stock ones to short.....it seemed alright at the time but now I would like a little more steering control over narrow through the trees..thanks again
  3. motosinva


    Handlebar ??? I would like to replace the stock bars with 1 1/8 inch bars on my 250x.Will I have to buy all new controls including inserts for my bark busters because of the size difference or is there something I am missing that elliminates the need for that.
  4. motosinva


    thanks, consider it done.
  5. motosinva


    I just finished the JD jetting, air box open, and exhaust drilled.I am very pleased with the results of that (eliminated bog)
  6. motosinva


    ??? I have an 06 250X and i ride tight slower trails with sudden hill climbs. If i want to change the sprocket to get more low end grunt and dont care about loosing top end speed which sprocket should i change. Should i go bigger in the front or smaller in the rear. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to changing front sprocket over the rear. It seems most threds are about guys changing the rear, but it seems easier and cheaper to swithch the front.Any help will be appreciated.
  7. motosinva

    Fuel mixture screw

    Thanks for the help. I will give it a shot after I eat some turkey. I did find the washer and o-ring on line no problem if I have to order them. My local dealers kinda stink(never have the parts I need)and its easier and cheaper to order and pay shipping than letting them do it for me.
  8. motosinva

    Fuel mixture screw

    I have and 06 250x and just finished the JD jetting. While in the process I switched the factory fuel mixture screw to the CRF only extended with the T handle for easy adjustment. I let the screw drop out and found the spring but no o-ring or washer. I didnt see them fall cant find them. I looked with an inspection mirror in the hole and it doesnt appear to be in there. ? should i be able to see the washer and o-ring if they were retained, is there a better way to tell, and where could i get the replacements if needed. any help will be appreciated!
  9. motosinva


    Can anyone suggest the best headlight to add to my 04 CRF230F?
  10. motosinva

    ??CRF 230 f now thinkin CRF250 x

    Thanx to everyone that responded the input was very helpfull.I think I am gonna go with the advice of coeshow and cool my jets for now and enjoy what I have.When my son is ready to move up maybe I will then.My bike is bone stock now so I may read this site a little more and consider some mods down the road.
  11. I am 5'7" and 170 lbs. I have had the crf 230 f for 6 months. I trail ride twice a month with my 9 yr. old son, who has the crf80f.I have found that the suspension and the power are not quite what i would like.The crf 250x and the crf450x appeal to me but the 450 is tall.?? will the 250x give me the suspension and power that i wont out grow so fast? Has anyone ridden both that could help?