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  1. I read Eddie's sticky about how to confirm the pilot circuit setting. When you reach the point where the idle peaks, I'm confused from where to measure the number of turns. Is it referring the the number of turns from where the idle drops or is the number of turns from all the way in till the needle seats?
  2. shannon7581

    Tire Combo

    It must have just recently been discontinued. The MT-16 is not currently listed on Pirelli's website. There may be some places that might still have some MT-16's still in stock and may have it still listed on their website, but the following is the e-mail I received from Rocky Mountain after trying to order. Dear Shannon We are very sorry but the 110/100x18 Pirelli MT16 Intermediate Terrain has been discontinued and we will no longer be able to get the item. Since there are no other items on the order it will be canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you, Lacee Bischoff Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Internet Department Phone: 800-336-5437 Fax: 801-465-3457 Laceeb@rockymountainatv.com
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    Tire Combo

    I have been using Pirelli MT-16's for the rear for years. However, I just tried to order a Pirelli MT-16 and was told they are discontinued and no longer available. Does anyone know if they were replaced by another model?