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  1. Sorry for the duplicate - Did not see the other post Due to the weather we just got the go ahead to have the race. This is the only time you be able to ride on the property!! Even if you are not a racer the event should be a lot of fun - all signal track Wild Bear Wildbear Enduro Scramble Format What is an Enduro Scramble? First off there is no timekeeping, well not like in a Timekeeping Enduro. The start will be up to 4 riders per minute, dead engine start, AA/Pro riders starting no earlier than minute 5. For the first lap your time begins on the minute your riding, so if your minute 9:01, thats your start time whether you start then or not! When you finish the loop (less than 25 miles) your time is recorded again. The club will post how many laps are required and when the course closes. Its up to you to schedule when you start each lap as you can take a break in between laps. Theres more to it than this, so to find out more read the rules from the NMA Cascade Family Motorcycle Club
  2. I'm having an issue with my wife's 2008 CRF150R. I bought this bike used from a man that did not ride it at all. Still had the original tyres on with lots of rubber on them. When at idle 2000rpm and then slowly increasing the rpm to 3000 the engine will rev up linear but right around 3100-3200rpm it will jump up to ~5000 rpms. It will do this with the throttle or using the idle adjustment. When riding it will lurch around the 3000 rpm level. I'm not twisting the throttle at all at 3200RPM I'm tring to hold it at 3200RPM it will rev up to 5000rpm. Here is what I done to the carb. Everything else is stock JD jetting kit Main 145 Leak Jet 40 pilot jet 42 Red needle at 4th from the top. (tried the blue in all clip conditions and still the same effect) Here is a movie clip of using the Here is a movie clip of using the I checked the vent hoses and they are all cleared. Could it be the float? I never check float level on the bike how is it done? The valves also have not been checked. Any other ideas? Thx Marty
  3. My wife finally got to ride the bike after all my mods done. We only did a few miles of fireroads. She likes the power a lot better but it still sometime the bike will do a power surge when slowly rolling on the power. Still think it a carb issue but have can not figure it out. She is still a little leary of it and needs more saddle time. Still complaining the bike is too load still even with the baffle insert. Sure wish Honda would make a CRF150F type engine power into this frame? Here is a summary of my mods 15/51 sprockets CRF150R'07-09 - Steahly Flywheel Weight CRF150R'07-12 - Rekluse z-Start PRO Clutch CRF150R'07-09 - G2 Ergonomics Throttle Cam System (T.C.S.) CRF150R'07-09 - Pro Moto Billet Silent Insert Home made baffle insert pics Main 140 Pilot 45 Leak Jet 40 Needle 3rd from the bottom. Colorado: In neutral at idle slowly rev your the bike up. Does it rev up smoothly without a jump?
  4. Hey Colorado, With your bike in netrual when slowly turning the throttle will it rev evenly through to high rivs without a jumping. As I rev mine from 2000 to 3000rpm it goes up smoothly then at 3000rmps it jumps to 4500rmps? I even bought the JD jetting kit and that did not help. Marty
  5. My wife also had a TTR 125LE before this bike. The 150R will have a bigger hit through all the gears in stock form, not sure what the top end speed will be that will depend on the gearing. With the stock muffler even with the spark arrestor and end cap installed the bike is still way too load for trail riding and even worse when running done a road in 5th gear. That’s why I installed the homemade baffle in the bike it really quite it down but still not as quite as a TTR. Others have installed a CRF250X muffler. I have no comparison riding the bike without the rekluse installed it from day one. Maybe someone else has comparison. While just riding around the yard (flat) with 15/51 gearing the bike really lugs now. The real test hopefully be will be this weekend on some real trails. I want to see first if she will like the power setup before putting money into the suspension. Can not comment on the Scotts damper for this bike not planning on installing one. Marty
  6. My guess it could leak radiator fluid into the clutch side. Make sure it is on.
  7. On the clutch side there is a gear shift spindle that comes out under the clutch plates. There is a part that goes onto the gear shift spindle and if it is not in correctly will not let the bike shift. The part goes behind not in front of the gear shift spindle. I'm going from past experience so if some one can explain this better please do. Gear shift spindle number 18 Can't find the OEM Parts catalog for the part that goes onto the gear shift spindle. As I recall the male end goes behind the gear shift spindle not in front of it. Marty
  8. I ordered a JD jetting jet in hope their needle will smooth out the rpm jump I been having, but have not got it yet. Got thinking about making the bike quieter and came up with the following home made baffle. I had a some 1" plumbers pipe and welded a 1-1.8 washer on the end. This does not totally seal the muffler but stops it from going all the way into the pipe. I'm not that great of a welder and burnt a hole in the washer so I placed another one with the same size and welded it on. Was going to drill out the washer hole bigger but thought I try it like as is. I then place the pipe with washer end first into the pipe. Marked at the end of a muffler and subtracted another 1-1/4 for the spark arrestor cone to fit into the pipe. Wanted the baffle to be tight so not rattle around in the muffler. I then drilled a bunch of holes in the pipe. Installed the baffle in and replaced the end caps. Here is a link to some pics The bike is a lot quieter I would say it is at least 92 DBs or less. Power is definitely has decreased a bit but that's what I wanted. Have a video of the new baffle installed but bandwidth is slow at the moment. Will upload later. Now the bike reeves very smooth all the way through the rpm range without any jumps like I had before. This setup definitely made the bike a lot more mellow and does not wheelies as easy in first gear with the following gearing: 51 rear, 14 front. Going to place the 15 back in for even less of a hit. The main test will be when my wife rides it. KTMarty
  9. Took the pilot jet out and it was a 45. Had a 48 so I installed that and did not make a difference. Wondering if a slimmer tappered neddle would work. Any sugggestion on which one? Marty
  10. With the bike idling around 2000 and then twisting the throttle slowly the rev will increase to 2800 evenly and then jump to 4800. No wonder my wife does not like it. When in gear it will grab sundenly and lurch forward. This is what I have in the carb Main 140 Pilot 40 Leak Jet 40 Air screw out 2 turns (turning the scew in or out did not make a difference) Pro billet silencer with some extra silencer packing around the spark arrestor cone. Any idea what the cause of the un even throttle response? Thnx Marty
  11. Congrats on your new ride. Since the bog has gone away I went and installed the Medium Engagement Spring and 15 Steel, 5 Tungsten Carbide (TC) into the bike to see if it would make a difference. I'm happy to report now it is a lot more manageble. It works really well in second gear start and does not have the sudden hit when it fully engages. As it stands first gear with a fist full of throttle will send the bike into the trees. I went ahead and ordered a 51 tooth rear sprocket to see if I can get first gear to more usable for her. Slowly getting the bike to work better for woods riding and hopefully she will like it otherwise I have to find another bike that fit a 5'-4" (32 in seat height) have great components and weighs under 200lbs. I'm thinking also getting a CRF250x muffler also. It is not a plug and play item and needs some fabrication to make it work. Marty
  12. socalxr: Where did you get the three postion ignition system? How is it installed?
  13. I finally got the little monster tuned in. It had a terrible bog off the start then bang power came on. Wife did not like it at all. Main 140 Pilot 40 Leak Jet 40 Air screw out 2 turns Now it runs great with no bog. She has not yet tried it with the carb dialed in, but still like to get the power tamed even more before the next ride. Have the following items installed CRF150R'07-09 - Steahly Flywheel Weight (9oz) Needs more wieght CRF150R'07-12 - Rekluse z-Start PRO Clutch: Low Engagement Spring and 15 Steel, 5 Tungsten Carbide (TC) CRF150R'07-09 - G2 Ergonomics Throttle Cam System (T.C.S.) (Does not seem to help a lot) CRF150R'07-09 - Pro Moto Billet Silent Insert With extra silencer material wrapped around the inside cone (still not quite enough when on the gas) She like a more linear power curve and with the Rekluse when the engine rpms get high enough (which is not much) it release the clutch and then it lurches into the power band. Even in 2nd gear starts it does this. Hard to go slow and get little throttle without it getting into the power. The only way to get around this is starting in 3rd gear then the clutch will slip and not lurch as bad once it totally engages. I Tried using the Medium Engagement Spring and 15 Steel, 5 Tungsten Carbide (TC) but she did not like when the slippage and then power would come on. She like the instant power put not such big of a hit. Running the stock 15 counter shaft and was thinking of going from the stock 56 to a 52 rear sprocket. Hopefully this will help the second gear starts. Has anyone gone smaller on the rear? Any other thoughts to get more linear power out of the little red beast? Marty
  14. Bought a new one.
  15. I just bought and a CRF ONLY Fuel screw and took out the old one out and the spring only came out with the fuel screw so the washer and O ring stayed inside. Installed the CRF ONLY Fuel screw (1 3/4 turns out and tested the bike out. Worked great. Brought the bike back in the garage and put it on the stand and the fuel screw fell out with the O ring and washer. It must have vibrated out. Has anyone had this problem? The bike is a 08 CRF150RB. To reinstall the fuel screw does the 0 ring goes in first and then the washer or the washer then the O ring? Thnx Marty