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  1. I forgot how to add images here on TT I here is my question: http://www.cafehusky.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7361
  2. Doe´s any body know what the stock rear shock settings are on the sachs damper?
  3. I think it looks better when the subframe, stering head and swingarm is aluminum. Aluminum is more racing, that´s why I don´t paint it. Yes, but now I just want to ride
  4. 1) The toolbox, the bikelift and the paint are actually bought in the same store. As well as the airfilter. 2) The cam chain tensioner is working just fine. It´s home made like everything else on my vehicles.
  5. The engine runs well. But I will tune the carburetor som more.
  6. This was a low budget project: -Blue paint -Hotpaint for the exhaust -Grease, fork oil, engine oil etc -Airfilter -Some blue hoses -Hoses for the connection between carburetor and airfilter (from the junkyard) -Sprockets and chain At first I wanted to paint the frame in aluminum-gray and have black plastics and tank. But when I opened the gray can it looked more like white. So I decided to go for the old school look. But wasn´t the rm:s more dark blue?
  7. Tank and some more fenders I painted the exhaustpipe with "hotpaint" Almost done I like blue:worthy: The airfilter is made to fit cars Like a glove Some say the blue frame on a suzuki is oldschool, some call it husaberg-wannabe. Left to do is numberplate-mod and fit a speedometer
  8. A day later the drz started to look like a bike again. Now with sm-wheels. Subframe I decided to remove the oem airbox so I had to use a old frontfender as a rearfender.
  9. I decided to paint the frame in blue. Regreas and replace... And then the engine... note the blue cap on the left side of the engine.
  10. After about 40minutes with my Bosch screwdriver the bike looked like this.
  11. I have been driving my drz400s for a couple of yers now. After this winter i descided to do something about it because it didn´t look to good. It´s a -00 and has had some tough moments in the woods. This is what the bike looked like when I started the surgery.
  12. Does the sidepanels and rearfender from cr125 -09 fit on the -08? I know there have been several changes on the frame etc... //Ola
  13. I think it´s easier to stand on the footpegs and pop it. I have the airboxmod, e-base gasket, plastic tank and 15/38 gearing and can easily pop it between 40-54mph while standing. When I sit down I usually start in 2:nd and shift up to 3:rd or 4:th, but it´s rather tricky to keep the balance. I like narrow roads when I ride sm, else I don´t feel the speed and the bike seems slow. I use a Canon 830i and I bought my helmet cam here http://www.sportscam.se/ The page doesn´t seem to work at the moment but here is a picture http://www.sporthoj.com/annonser/?id=12420
  14. I live in south west of Sweden, in Halmstad, about 70km north of Helsingborg/Helsingör.
  15. true. Yes that road is made for wheelies and the bike too.