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  1. mixr50082

    Moving to Tulsa, any advice??

    Well i have a paddle tire for my bike that i used when i used t goto silver lake and a set of paddles for my 89 k5 blazer. It can be alot of fun to get rid of some aggression on the dunes. just need to look out for them changing on you.
  2. mixr50082

    Moving to Tulsa, any advice??

    kinda funny thing about that is i am temporarly staying in an apartment by 71 and mingo right in the mist off all the traffic. But you are right easy to get around here easy to find places they did a good job when they on the layout of this city...I would rather not be in the city but only to work but that will come in time...miss going to the garage and firing up my toys and tearing my land up...lol Supposedly there is a good dune park here in oklahoma though? any one know anything about that would love to go hit some dunes in the truck...
  3. mixr50082

    Moving to Tulsa, any advice??

    yea not into the whole mx thing either dual sport, flat track, and 4x4 trail riding in the blazer are my things. wouldn't mind getting together for a few trail rides but have to wait till the bike is ready again. set up for the ice in mi still and still in mi so when i finally get it we can ride!..lol hope ya can keep up with me..lol
  4. mixr50082

    Moving to Tulsa, any advice??

    Howdy I just moved hear myself in august but my bike is still in michigan along with my truck!!...well I can tell you the people here are great real laid back. hopefully i will get mine back together and get to explore the areas. I will be out in my 4x4 truck exploring the trails and areas but not till it gets here end of march. get back in touch with me i will try to help you out with as many questions as i can answer but we are new here too. hope to hear from ya soon Tom
  5. mixr50082

    What shot is better?

    Definitely #2
  6. mixr50082

    Ice Race Practice Day canceled

    just watched a group today up around the coral area. They were riding all afternoon. now I am even more stoked to finish up the ol 500 and set er up for the ice that was awesome!!!!
  7. mixr50082

    Can You guys believe it...

    Alright I was feeling a little laxy but after reading this I am going to finish up the ol xr.....and the street bike!!!! the weather will probably change by the time I am done
  8. mixr50082

    timing chain tensioner

    yep those were all the first things checked when the bike stopped our group 70 miles from camp!!...lol and then checked several times more back at camp darn thing valve adj got better compression but still feels funny the timing chain tensioner through honda is 108 dollars also wondering if that is the solution do chain and sproket to getting pricy for a old bike mabey time to goto the dealer!!!...lol
  9. mixr50082

    timing chain tensioner

    Was trying to climb this killer hill on the trails when my bike just died i was in the throttle and running great. mind you I had been riding for about 3 hrs already that day, but after I managed to get that heavy beast off the incline it wouldn't start. felt like I had no compression. I've tryied several things out since then to get the ol girl to fire back up without tearing the motor out again nothing is working. A guy I bumped into had one just a little while back and said if i had the timing chain tensioner with the spring, and guides that it might be worn out and jumped out of time. i only have a bout ten hours on this fresh build and I know I did not replace that dummy me!!!! It sounds like a good answer. but would like some insight. it did start hard while hot the last few times I was kickin it that day so timing or valve adjustment...ect...??????.....Thanks
  10. mixr50082

    Who wants to ride the little O this sunday the 10th

    hey just rode the little manistee and lincoln hills and boy what a dust bowl it was the last rain was the 4th and it soaked up so fast i doubt it made to much of a difference. But all in all have a riot i love that trail dust or not..lol
  11. mixr50082

    Evart, Michigan

    boy did it ever rain we ran little manistee, and lincoln hills yesterday. We camped at north country campground right on the little manistee. woke up this morning planning on heading to tin cup or evart, but that was out of the question due to the steady onslaught of rain. Might try to do the evart trail next weekend. the rain was defiantly needed though!!
  12. mixr50082

    U.P. Michigan Last Week End

    sweet vidoe have to make it up there soon my buddy gets back in dec and knows all the places to ride up there can't wait to get there...all he ever talks about!!!!
  13. mixr50082

    Evart, Michigan

    I was curious of how the evart trail was. never had a problem last time I rode it. evrything is dusty right now due to the dry spell we have been having along with the oven effect!! We were planning on riding that next weekend since it is only a hour away.
  14. ok I have been through this motor and everything worked great then all of a sudden the kickstarter wont return after started but when you shut it down the thing returns to top? mabey it needs to be in just the right spot or what move it a cuple teeth back? it worked fine pulled the motor off bike and the put it back on now its crazy!!
  15. mixr50082

    MI Beginner Trails

    big o is the easiest being that alot of it is 2 tracks and forestry roads and also connected to little o, little manistee, lincoln hills. I will be riding out there with a group this holiday weekend. there is a nice campground called north country campground and store he has a connector path to the bottom of little manistee if interested number is 888-391-6329. or look on lake county chamber of commerce webpage for all the local campgrounds