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    Tire Changer Design/Questions

    I wrestled with the idea for a while as well. I am getting old and bending over a 30 gal pail is hard on me. Full blown tire changers are expensive up here and difficult to come by. I thought of getting something and modifing it, but it was cheaper to just build a stand. I use a c-clamp as a bead breaker if I really need one. I got some steel from a local place and picked up a piece of truck frame; 10 3/4 x 5/8 about 14" long. I welded a square tube verticle onto an "X" base also out of of smaller square tubing, with 3/8" bolts as adjustments on the bottom edge of each leg as levelers. I drilled a hole and put a 3/4" nut welded to the underside of the piece of frame. Then I welded the frame piece to the stand, flanges down. With a long shouldered 3/4" fine thread bolt ( from a 3406E Cat cylinder head bolt) as the clamp for the wheel assy. The bolt is the same diameter as the axle shaft on three of my bikes and I use a collection of spacers/washers/collets for the others. No damage to the bearings, can loosen it and rotate tire/wheel assy. or lock in place and tire slides down over stand when removed from rim. It works great, no bending and great leverage and it cost me about $40 CDN bucks but I had the frame laying around.
  2. top norm

    ? Power Now Insert for your carb?

    That is a good question...I ran my WR250F for 2 years without one, then when my buddy sold his bike he "gave" me his power now. It really seemed to me to make a difference. I bought and installed the power now plus on my 05 WR450F and it also seemed to help but perhaps there was not as much of an impact as the 250 either way they are staying on because I believe they work.
  3. I hear what you are saying... but some people take pride of ownership and want the bike to look good. I buy graphics for my bikes when i replace damaged plastic and although I do not pay 400 bucks for it I think it looks better (to me) than scratched up plastic and that is who i buy it for; me! If i cared what others thought, i would poll them to see what kind to purchase. If I am racing or trail riding the bike is in good shape and shows it. I do agree in part with you though: I would always buy maintenance or hard parts before graphics but that is the thing of this hobby/sport you can do what you want if it is your bike.
  4. top norm

    Ganaraska forest

    I ride the ganny at least once a week. There are good elevation changes, tons of sigle track, fast double and some fire roads. It has sand sections and It has east, west and( central no OHV) sections, you share it with horse peole and some 4X4's so keep your head up. You can ride to Budley and have lunch on the lake or ride single track for days and not hot the same trail twice but to maybe link up. Not too big that you need a GPS because main roads are marked. It has $100 yearly fee that is well worth it and I think day passes are 20-25 bucks. It is worth the trip no matter were you have to come from!
  5. top norm

    best place to live in canada for riding?

    I can see by the responses that the west has definite advatages, and not just a lack of sales tax either and although we don't have the same open spaces and huge elevation changes; we here in south central Ontario have tracks galore, many county forests with old growth and dense second growth, there is everything form gorilla snot mud to bogs, rock climbs, deep sand, pine and primevil cedar woods, and we have the shield (gota love mossy rocks) and tons of clubs with enthusiastic members. And yes, we can even ice race here (sometimes).
  6. top norm

    What's your dumbest move?

    That was a good one...Mine was/are usually less dramatic but just as embarassing. One comes to mind where I was out with a bunch of guys that were freinds of a riding buddy, in other words i had no idea who they where but they could ride. They were all up ahead of me and decided to pull off the trail in an open area on a hill side to wait for me. I see them up ahead and i cut across to pull up to them and come to a complete and safe stop and proceed to put my foot down on the low side of the hill. Well i went arse over gumption and rolled way down about 10 meters and only a group of alders stopped me from continueing on until i would have never been seen by modern man again. I climbed back to the "staging area" and they were all looking at me ( about 9 of them) and not one word did they speak, big wide eyes and grimmaces. I thought well this is embarassing so i said, " ok, which one of you Mofos pushed me over?" This started the jokes to which this day i am called low foot larry...
  7. top norm

    power now stuff

    I have the power now on my WR250 and it improved the bottom end; I noticed it right away. I put the power now plus on my WR450 and found it was improved bottom and mid. For me anyway, I found it to make a difference.
  8. top norm

    Engine Ice?

    I just started running it but i understand it to be made for exactly that purpose. It has corrosion protection and it does lower engine temp.
  9. top norm

    woods only riding

    I have an 02 YZ250 I got in 03. I got it new and cheap otherwise I would not have bothered to even look at a 2 stroke. Have been a 4 stroke guy for years..But you know what? It is my favourite woods bike. I harescramble it and trail ride it. I have the Gnarly and turbine core with s/a it is a "Q", a 9 oz flywheel weight, a power now and S12's the usual armor and guards and it goes.The majority of the guys I ride with are EXC riders both 2 stroke and 4. The YZ has low end, has jump, a smooth hit and is quick and best of all light. ..and at the end of the day, I can go as fast as when started out on the YZ. I can't say that about my WR450F. i love the power of the 450 but if i could only have one, it would be a YZ250!
  10. top norm

    Ontario!!! crazy azz weather

    I feel your pain. A few of us have had enough and are heading to croom (Brooksville Florida) for a week of nasty sandy single track, miles of sand whoops and sand pit riding. Gona be hard to take the sun and heat.
  11. top norm

    Ontario!!! crazy azz weather

    If you are asking about insurance regs for public or crown land than you must be off road plated, (green plate) and have liabilty insurance for both persons and property. Most private riding areas request the same.
  12. top norm

    Shipping to Canada?

    No, not in eastern Canada, but in sooth central Ontario there is a dealer that had 2 brand new exc's, a 200 and a 300 ( my buddy bought the 250) . they were 04's but brand new. I belive they are located in Angus, west of Barrie ON. They were going cheap as it is a new KTM dealer and not well known.
  13. top norm

    WR longevity

    I have an 01 wr250 with about 5500 kms, been hair scrambled, enduroed and even seen some track time. Trail rode the snot out of it. Change oil often, ( the good stuff) and air filter every ride, noth'n but net.
  14. top norm

    Shipping to Canada?

    I picked up an old wreck, the entire bike, but had them break it down into parts; wheel assy. bars off..like that. The paperwork indicated it was parts and not for resale purposes. Then had it shipped as parts and had no problem. Cost was as much as the the bike though but that is partly because I used a courier company, but it flew through our tax system without a snag.