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  1. VetMx225

    Best off road engine set up?

    94mm Big bore and correct jetting makes for a great off road motor. Ive got Athena and Stage 2 hot cams on an 01 kicker. I think the cams really help the midrange hit but are no longer available. Stage 1 cams have little advantage over stock from what I hear. As you know the DRZ is an excellent off roader if set up right. They have great steering and handling, better than some new 450 off roaders. After I sent my suspension out for revalve it eats up whoops like a different bike. Do the big bore you wont regrett it:thumbsup:
  2. VetMx225

    Kicking it... tell me its just me...

    I have copies of jetting info for earlier FCRs on the DRZ. Web site is long gone. If you PM me a fax # I will send you copy. Its about 10-15pages. Same info I used. I would strongly recommend if owner doesnt already have one. Buy a Suzuki shop manual (not a Clymer of whatever). Make sure its an earlier version for this model. Lots of changes on the DRZ over the years. Shop manual has really good section on the carb. Shows diagrams and description of how all the carb circuits work. Read this and you will understand much better how and why you a changing jetting. There is tons of info on this site especially for jetting. Just keep in mind that there are a number of differences between models and years.
  3. VetMx225

    Kicking it... tell me its just me...

    I will see if I can find something on jetting info. for the kicker. What altitude are you riding at?. You dont need to do 3X3 you just need to remove snorkle (boot) inlet fitting on top of air box (this will provide same thing as 3x3.
  4. VetMx225

    Kicking it... tell me its just me...

    Im pretty sure you will find jetting info in FAQ. Need to do searches. The earlier Kickstart model had a slightly different FCR39 carb than the newer E-model and different jetting. Make sure that this Kick start bike has not had the hot start button removed. No reason to be going thru all these crazy starting procedures. Once I rejetted per Eddies specs and verified accelerator pump worked properly bike starts no worries. Also ran way better. Most people seem to like E-start. Im not a fan. Dont want the extra 13lbs and maintenance issues. But mostly I dont want to have my battery fail on a tight trail with no way to push start it.
  5. VetMx225

    Kicking it... tell me its just me...

    HOT START BUTTON:thumbsup: Blue plunger on left side of carb. Pull it out bike will start right up, push back in. If you follow jetting recommendations on this forum the DRZ will start 1-2 kicks every time hot cold whatever.
  6. VetMx225

    79 XR250 flattracker, air shocks question

    Google - Thor Lawson. Parts, manuals, rebuild kits, info. etc.
  7. VetMx225

    Neck Surgery

    Its only been a day and a half for me since surgery so I cant really say. I guess Im a little nervous that the pain may return. All my pain is gone now. I have I tiny bit of tingling/numbness in my finger. Dr. did say that numbness sometimes takes awhile to go away. I had a similiar accident on a bicycle as a teenager. Went over the bars and fell on back of my neck from about 8ft. Thought I Knocked the wind out of myself, then realized I couldnt move my arms or legs. Seemed like a couple minutes, was probably only about 30 seconds. Then got a stingy pain thru my neck and arms and I was able to move. I had a stiff neck and very painfull neck for about 3 mos. Never thought much about it until I saw the MRI of my neck a few years back and started putting together all the issues over the years back to that accident. Im pretty sure was the original injury and just got worse over the years. Im 47 now. Sounds like you had a very brutal injury. Maybe its just going to take some time. Best Wishes.
  8. VetMx225

    Neck Surgery

    Got out of surgery about 26hrs ago. All the pain I had in shoulder, arm, and hand is gone. Just got home a couple hrs ago. Not feeling as bad as I thought I would. Man it sure does hurt to swallow though. Im already on the phone coordinating work with my foreman. Me and my foreman just got an earful from the wife. Im not too good at R&R. But Im going to make sure I do this rehab right. I have a good Dr. and good women to keep me on track. On a side note. Dwight I was looking at an old VMX mag. recently and saw your picture crossing the river on the Hodaka in the period correct leathers, boots, jofa, and cool USA blue with white stripe helmet. Very cool. I had seen that picture before and never new it was you.
  9. VetMx225

    Neck Surgery

    Im going in for C5-C6 and C6-C7 fusion in about 12hrs. I remembered reading this thread a few years ago. Thought I would search it out again to give me some confidence. Pain has been an issue for a long time. Finally went from bad to unbearable 3 weeks ago. Havnt been riding in a couple years partly because of pain and partly because working so many hours on my business. Im looking forward to making some lifestyle and work changes and get back to the priority of riding. Good to hear all the positive comments even it if is an old thread.
  10. VetMx225

    Pourcel the Biggest Prima donna

    I called Mitch Payton today to settle this whole did he push it or did he ride it argument. And Mitch says you guys are a bunch of wusses:moon:
  11. VetMx225

    Supercross des Nations

    What a P.O.S. Throw a SX practice track in the corner of a field and call it a motocross track for the best riders in the world at the most important race of the year. Nice job:banghead: Youthstream should be ashamed. Oh thats right they have no shame.
  12. VetMx225

    Pourcel the Biggest Prima donna

    Wow. Here is a guy who two years ago had a bad spinal injury to his lower back that left him with paralyses and in a wheel chair for some time (career ending in most peoples book). He deals with pain and stomach problems on a daily basis, especially on the bike. He comes back wins a supercross championship, and is currently battling for the 250 championship against the most competative field in years. Where I come from we would call that a tuff son of a bitch:thumbsup:
  13. VetMx225

    Fluidyne rad's hit header,any recommendations?

    Wow. Thats an old thread. I ended up making a bracket to slightly relocate the rads but it was a lot of work.And that was just to get the FMF header to work, the Yosh is still in the box. Flat spotting the header and or rad would be easier.
  14. VetMx225

    holy hell we got one guys!!!

    Yeah I just noticed. Finally a flattrack forum good work
  15. Getting 40 to 45 HP from the TT500 and XR500s was a big deal back in the day. I think the dirt track guys were getting more as they didnt need the range of power that you did for MX. Im no engine builder but 60 and 65 HP? I dont know. I thought it was the rocker arm design that limited the old motors as well as the longer stroke and heavier crank/flyweel.? Either way there is nothing like the feel of the low end torque and grunt of the old thumpers. I had a TT500 with bolt on White Bros. mods. 540 kit, cam, pipe, carb etc.