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  1. 04CRF450R_58

    Round 14 Supercross Torrent.

    round 14 is April 22 - Dallas TX
  2. 04CRF450R_58

    I need help with my firewire card

    hey joe, try moving the firewire card into another pci slot. i had the same problem. once i moved the card it worked. you need to have one pci slot open.
  3. can someone please seed.... i'm stuck at 90%. thanks.
  4. hey chris, your versions of the races have been awesome. i'm new to this dvr stuff and i'm just trying to help. definetly not trying to replace your versions. just giving some variety. i guess this is just my way for saying thanks for all your time and effort. keep it going.
  5. okay had some problems with the tracker.... try this one: http://www.mininova.org/tor/212156
  6. 2006 AMA Supercross Round 4 S.F. (Big Bore) ****enjoy the mud bowl**** here's the torrent: http://www.mininova.org/tor/212118
  7. can someone please seed. i'm stuck at 90%. i only need 50mb. thanks.
  8. thanks again for the high quality. love it.
  9. 04CRF450R_58

    Need stock CR front caliper bracket

    what year?
  10. 04CRF450R_58

    2006 AMA Supercross - Round 2 - Torrent

    i would enjoy a high quality format. but beggers can't be choosers. thanks in advance for the torrents.
  11. 04CRF450R_58

    Torrent Round 7 and 8

    thanks... works great.
  12. i love my cycra guards. i bounce off everything with them. haven't broke a lever yet. ....knock on wood.
  13. 04CRF450R_58

    rear sprocket size

    i run a 51T on my 04 crf450. i guess it depends on the type of riding u like to do. i'm more into single track, thick woods, and hills. it was a major improvement on my bike.