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  1. I was just wondering how much I could get out of a 2005 250 sx-f, it has like 30 hrs on it and is in great condition, nobody has ads for them right now and i dont know how much i could sell it for, any replies would be great. thanx
  2. http://photobucket.com/albums/a217/mx153/?action=view&current=250sxf.jpg
  3. racinmx153

    Looking for SXF 250 for sale!!!!

    i guess i am just not a KTM kind of guy
  4. racinmx153

    Looking for SXF 250 for sale!!!!

    I live in illinois and i have a 2005 ktm 250 sxf. I am willing to sell it it has about 12 hours on it but i would have to get $6500 for it.