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  1. Danomite2

    Best gear for rib protection

    The new FOX protector is the only one that covers your ribs.
  2. Danomite2

    FMF website

    Same thing happened to me. call them and order.
  3. Danomite2

    FMF Rant...Dissapointed

    Wow, some funny reading for 5 pages! Whether or not FMF owes anything because of the original thread, the last time I went to the FMF shop to buy a pipe I got to BS with Donny while checkin out pics of Joel Robert and Roger on the wall. Then Danny La Porte walks by and said hello. FMF has been around since MX was around, Donny used to give us tons of stickers back at the original HC shop and we got jerseys for like $10 bucks. Great people. Pipes that are louder are usually used for closed circuit racing. So if you need a quiet one a buyer should specifically be looking for what the tested db output claim is. I would not expect a certain decibel level from an aftermarket pipe unless it specifically claims a level.
  4. Danomite2

    dealer set up fees ?

    I had been looking for a new dirt bike for a while. I finally tried Mid Cities which I had bought a bike at before. I was given an OTD quote for a new 2013 KXF 450 which was about a thousand dollars less than many other places in So Cal because those other places are charging $1250 in fees for transportation and set up. I went in and spoke with Jim Kehoe who had e-mailed me back promptly, and within a half hour of arriving I was financed and loading my new bike in my truck. My OTD price was the same as quoted, no BS pulled at any time. Thanks again Jim for a great buying experience, I will be back! BTY, my OTD price was $250 above MSRP. So there is a dealer in So Cal who isn't charging extra fees, not to mention the great service I had yesterday.
  5. Danomite2

    dealer set up fees ?

    Went to Chaparral where a bike has a $500 set up fee and a $750 transportation fee. So OTD is over $10 k for a new bike. Ive called a bunch of dealers asking for an OTD price. None of them will give me one, they all say "come on in we can work out a price...." so either they are colluding or just happy with their sales volume? For myself Im just not buying a new bike. I know if we colluded and don' t buy new bikes for a year, these ripoff dealers will get the message. I know the dealers must be getting their ass kicked by BTO and other online places, but what did they expect by treating many of us as nusances when we walk in to buy stuff. I think there are good dealerships somewhere with employees that value their customers, I just haven't found one yet in So Cal. so another year with my old bike....
  6. Danomite2

    Fox v4 or a shoei

    Had em both but my new VFX is the bomb. Shoei all the way.
  7. Danomite2

    Buying a new bike

    Thanks for the info all, I still don't know where to look for the best buy on a KX, but now I know that the dealer I went to was adding in some serious profit. I guess buying in a crate went out a while ago..... Didn't know MX bikes had any warranty and I'll bet they don't pay out anyway if something goes wrong. RenoMike I like your idea, but every shop I have called will not tell me a price over the phone. They all want you to come on in. Guess that's why i still have $9Gs in my pocket, but my old bike is just fine. Thought I'd get a new one but these dealers don't seem to want to move inventory. I laugh every time I see the same bike I would have bought a month ago still sitting there. I can wait another year though at least.
  8. Went to a dealer in southern CA yesterday and saw most of the 2013 450 MX bikes. They all had their MSRP on them, plus another $525 or so for dealer prep (assembly) What I also saw on every bike was a transportation fee (shipper to dealer) of over $700 on each bike added to the MSRP. A new bike cost $9800 before taxes! No there is now way I'm paying $1200 for these guys to attach my forks and allow me the privlege of reimbursing the dealer for having the bike delivered to them. So TTers where can I get a new KX either in the crate or at a price that isn't at $10k?
  9. Danomite2

    Who ships VP fuel?

    Thanks all, I did find out that in California if you want to purchase leaded race fuel (like VP) you have to fill out a form and show your VIN # and what sanctioning body you belong to, and yes even the day and race you are going to use the fuel at. I don't know if the local race shop does that, but the bike dealer I went to did. Just another road block in trying to enjoy racing our bikes here in sunny CA.
  10. Ordered some VP fuel from Chaparral. Waited a week for delivery. Not. Called them asking and was told me they cancelled my order because they don't ship fuel. These arseholes didn't bother to notify me all week I was waiting, nor did their site say anything about it. Just took the order. They cancelled the other item I ordered also. Who does that? Anyway anyone know where I can order VP fuel from, I'll pay the shipping? I am located in southern California.
  11. Danomite2

    KTM 250X or KX 450F?

    Calling them is the same as going there and having to hear their BS. I want a price and a loan rate which are two very easy questions to answer. At our local dealer in Bellflower they have (1) KX 450F there. No price on it. When I asked last week when I went by there for parts, I was offered to come on in and discuss it. I don't want to negotiate, I just want a price. Why discuss it with folks who cannot even bother to put a price on the bike sitting there? I just bought a car two weeks ago after getting multiple internet dealer quotes. Made it easy to go buy the car walking in with the settled price and loan rate. By the way I did get a response from the KX dealer, just not anything on it, it is their ploy to get you to call, then they ask you to come on in. No biggie to me as I already have a great bike that runs perfectly. I'm not losing anything waiting.
  12. I live in So Cal where the bike dealers are even worse than car dealers. Every internet form I fill out asking for a quote goes unanswered, I just get the PC generated response that they have received it and will contact me. Well they don't contact me. I guess watching BTO and MC Rocky take a lot of their business haven't enlightened them to customer service being a way to keep the customers they have. So I would like to know if the TT community can tell me the best place to buy one of these bikes in this area. haven't decided yet on which one but I would like to know some prices other than MSRP.
  13. Danomite2

    Dowd at Red Bud

    Love Dowd and Brown, they are ironmen, but isn't it time they let their numbers go? Dowd was the man who kept Emig in check in the late 90's and he ran some good races way after his prime at Southwick. Probably is still mad at Yamaha when they made him race the 125cc class and wasted his talent. Brown has accomplished plenty racing MX here and in Europe also. But why does the AMA let retired racers keep their number if they earn 25 points? Used to be less points but the brilliant AMA thought 25 was a better idea. We cannot retire numbers in this sport as they would eventually be none left. Lamson held on the #6 for years and he was getting lapped by the time he stopped hanging on to it. I think we all know Brown ran #3 when he raced competitively and Dowd was # 16 after he was #9. Isn't that enough? They should race because its fun or they want to place and earn some money, but hanging on to a number a decade past their prime is a rule the AMA needs to change again. Maybe have a 2 year window for retirees who change their mind or recover from an injury, but to just keep by earning 25 points so they can run it once or twice a year is just silly. My bet is that Brown loses his number this year, probably Dowd too. So I suppose the new system will always work, in time.......
  14. Danomite2

    Best deal on Shoei VFX-W?

    Try http://www.helmetdirect.com/
  15. Danomite2

    Jimmy's officially gone

    Why the haters on Jimmy? I thought he tried a lot of new stuff and did some interesting articles. He could have said less when answering letters of the month though. My beef with DR is that it is a skinny little magazine with type so small I cannot read the articles sometimes, especially when white ink on black photo areas. I think their content is displayed incorrectly and that they should cover more GNCC and Enduro races like they did when Ken was the editor. Even though I like pretty much only MX.