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  1. Get the 05 WR, I have a 05 & my wife has an 04 and yes you can feel the difference between the two. With an inseam of 28" I was surprised I could get a foot on the ground without too much trouble. Also the slimmer feel & lower center of gravity of the 05 makes it feel like a smaller, more flick-able bike, especially in the tighter & more technical stuff. On the loss of "low end grunt" I got most of mine back w/a size 40 leak jet. Hope this helps....
  2. HIrdr

    small video...hawaii more to come!

    Man you're making me homesick... used to live on Puowaina Drive on the foothills of Punchbowl carter, rode up & down Tantulas almost everyday. The road sure looks alot narrower than I remember. Awesome vids... Aloha from Texas, Ted
  3. HIrdr

    Water wetter/Engine ice

    +1 for engine ice.. works great
  4. HIrdr

    Shift lever Q?

    try sticking in a flat blade screwdriver into the slot of the shift lever & lightly tap it w/a hammer this will give a little more clearance between the shaft & lever.
  5. HIrdr

    Tire pressure

    12 front & 10 rear mostly trails
  6. HIrdr

    valve shim buckets

    most likely you have aluminum being pushed into the buckets bore, a quick & easy way to check is to grab a medium size screwdriver, push down on the bucket using the handle side of the screwdriver & check for a ridge or lip inside the bore especially the area where the cam sits in. To remove ridge I use a deburring knife & carefully remove the ridge. If it were my bike I would check for camshaft to cap clearances & camshaft bore roundness for any damages. Hope this helps...
  7. Thanks for the input, I'll try the thinner & hope for the best. Opinions on sugar in the fuel system, we all heard that if you want to do damage to any vehicle pour sugar into the fuel tank. Well I went online read several articles saying it's an old myth and gas does not dissolve in gasoline.
  8. Hello everyone, Anyone know what I can use the clean or flush a plastic fuel tank with. Have some brown sticky stuff inside the tank, took me 5 days of soaking just to clean the carb, had to get a new petcock & fuel lines, this stuff clogged everything up. Whatever it is it's a to clean, I've used gasoline, kerosene, Pro strength Simple Green and got only some of it out. Help me.....
  9. HIrdr

    Reckluse on a Yz250F

    My wife's bike had the same problem after 2 rides, change the oil per Rekluse & that didn't solve the problem. Found out that the clutch plates, both friction & steel, were burnt. After replacing the steel w/OEM Yamaha & switching to OEM Honda friction plates problem was solved. It's been about 3 years since & no more clutch problems...
  10. HIrdr

    accelerator pump o-ring

    got this info from JD, hope this helps...
  11. HIrdr

    Stroker crank along with 290 kit???

    check out this link for a engine displacement calculator,http://www.ducatitech.com/info/bore.html let's see... Athena 290 kit(83mm) + Hot Rod stroker crank(56.3mm) YZ306.3F hmmmm..... l
  12. HIrdr

    Stroker crank along with 290 kit???

    just got a reply from Hot Rod on some questions I had regarding their stroker cranks for the YZ250F. There is no machine work required to install this crank. Yes it will work with most big-bore pistons. It will be the owners responsibility to double check the fitment though. Thank you, James Schuster Technical Support Hot Cams, Pivot Works, Hot Rods 515-402-8000 ext 112 515-727-2321
  13. HIrdr

    Stroker crank along with 290 kit???

    Hot Rod just came out with these stroker cranks, wondering if we can use them with the big bore kits from Athena & JE... http://www.hotrodsproducts.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=cProducts.view&productid=520
  14. HIrdr

    Hot Rods Crankshaft Assys. yea or nay

    I've installed a few of them in the past & no complaints from my customers. Also like Hot Rods said about the "knife rods" it's been modified by someone.
  15. Glad to hear you got it fixed...I've read some people took out the clutch boss spring & had no problems, if you do it this way you might be able replace the first 2 Yamaha plates with Honda plates. Just a thought....