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  1. I am a big fan of building up good rims/spokes onto stock hubs. No fit or spacing issues, no adapters, and hubs are not expensive, and when was the last time a bearing-kept-up hub failed? It is the rim and spokes that take the abuse. Both my dirt and SM sets are built on stock to start.
  2. Awesome! Thanks Eddie!
  3. Question for people that have installed a kickstarter. Did you put gasket sealer on your new gasket or just go with the new gasket?
  4. I prefer ones that fold down for off-roading since I go on and off. I use the KTM adventure mirrors as they thread in the stock mount and are waaaay lighter. Don't feel as burly as stock but have not had a problem.
  5. DRZ 2004S, the 3x3 mod, 4th clip, 25p, 140m, 2.5 turn K screw out, full E exhaust (modded the midpipe mount), gasket and cams stock, no emission can, and everything has been absolutely perfect. No bog, great power. I just put on a full FMF powerbomb header/Powercore4 silencer and ran it on the freeway and it has a few stumbles, so I pulled the carb and bumped to a 142.5 main. Everything seems great with power however the idle stays REALLY high when I come to a stop and if I sit there for a minute it finally drops down. Ideas?
  6. Great method Joliet! I always knew that the three centers were the key to finding the minimum tension but never thought to strap the rear down.
  7. Before I did mine I actually bought a second airbox off a wrecked DRZ on ebay just in case I wanted to go back (or messed up) but never needed it. Everything has been great (save for that whole float bowl height thing but worked it out). Though now I can experiment with side panel holes instead of the top 3x3.
  8. I have always run Corbins on my bikes and thought the same thing but never had a problem. Seats are not what thieves are looking for and most people do not believe anyone would pay $300+ for a seat so they don't imagine it costs that much.
  9. Thank for the info. Looking at buying a used IMS tank that has one already on and debating it's value. Sounds like it might be easy to switch back if I need.
  10. Quick fill racing system.
  11. Anyone run a Dry Break on their IMS tank and if you do, what do you do at regular pumps if you had to fill up?
  12. Just don't take off with a rotor lock on! ALMOST did it twice.
  13. I swapped mine for an aluminum sleeve. Not because of the slop, but because I actually wanted a smoother, more solid feel, and I glue my grips.
  14. Corbins cost a lot of money and if you have customized it then it is just that, custom for your butt. So not many go back up for sale. I had a rare extra one due to me having a new base pan crafted. It went VERY fast. I love mine. Also, looks like you only gave an hour between your two postings. Just becasue you are online doesn't mean that everyone else is right then. Give it time. Good luck!
  15. Thanks for the feedback. 14/50 is what I am about to install and wasn't sure if I should bother with 13. I never felt that the 13 treats the chain guides well.