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  1. Martin Willems

    Tall seat foam for crf250x

    Does anyone know where I can buy a tall seat foam for my crf250x? Also, looking for a pair of bar mounts that are taller than stock & with more than 3mm forward offset for the stock 7/8" bars? Thanks, Martin; '04crfx, '94wxe250, '90kdx, sold'98exc300
  2. Martin Willems

    CRF250X Riders over 200 lbs?

    Not over 200, 180, but at 6'2", am looking for a tall soft seat foam for my 250x. Does anyone know where I can get one? I lowered the pegs by 7/16" which helped, but still need taller seat. Also looking for taller bar mounts with more than 3mm forward offset for stock bars, if anyone has info on that. I love this bike; z-clutch, open air box, no baf, rejet'd, flat land & msr guards, works braces. Martin, 04CRFX, '94WXE250, '90KDX200, sold300EXC
  3. Martin Willems

    05' crf250x - Jetting needle

    It is a lot easier to get to the needle, if you remove the 3 bolts & 2 braces that connect the frame to motor cylinder. Rotate the carb a little; no need to remove the air box or lift the subframe. Martin