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    Jetting issues...

    thank you!!
  2. motomike388

    Jetting issues...

    ok i have a 02 yz 250f which i had a white brothers R4 exhaust on it and when i put it on i put a bigger main jet which was a 180 stock is 178.... I scrapped that exhaust and i put a yoshimura stainless slip on exhaust and i also put on a power now carb thingy and then i dropped back down to a 178 main jet ... The power now directions say it will cause the bike to run a tad bit rich ... So now my bike runs awsome but theres some back fire happening. My spark plugs looks good but should go down to a 175 main jet or change the clip on the needle? Thanks Mike #388
  3. motomike388

    how to keep clean?

    when washing it , douse your bike then get some Simple Green spray it on then wash it off to a pretty bike again!
  4. Hello i have an 02 yz 250f with a Yoshimura comp series pipe and a power now and i orderd my 290 kit which is coming in soon so how much horsepower does that kit make? and do i have to run race fuel? any jetting changes? I race mx and sx type tracks mostly .... im just really curious on how much peak horsepower makes over with a after market head pipe and silencer and the power now.. Thanks for any help!!!