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  1. speeddemon

    Who has the best looking klx/drz 110 on thumpertalk

    No one else needs to post after slowracers bike... I havent seen anything that looks quite as good as his!
  2. speeddemon

    Ohio: Sandusky Valley Riders

    Justin and Shane are definatly names to be remembered! They are both super talented and rediculously fast riders! There are definatly some riders out of ohio to look out for
  3. speeddemon

    Could you race one of these?

    I would definatly love to try it sometime, i may not be great at it but id have some fun!
  4. speeddemon

    My bike and truck

    Nice truck and bike man!
  5. speeddemon

    Jason Raines on a 2-stroke

    The 2smoke is a very very capable off road weapon in the right hands! Its lighter and that adds up over the length of the race.
  6. speeddemon

    Front Flip... Check it out!

    It seems a little corked out to be a frontflip but it looks sick none the less!
  7. speeddemon

    Vegas Pics

    The pictures are looking great man! Any from the race?
  8. speeddemon

    Who has the nicest KTM?

    That bike looks great man! One of the best ktm's ive seen
  9. speeddemon

    New Graphics on my kx250f

    Looks good man
  10. The key with a dyno reading is having a baseline. Every dyno runs different and will put up different numbers.
  11. speeddemon

    Ready for some eye candy?!

    Man do brand new bikes look great! But I love just looking and trying to find all of those little details of those bikes
  12. speeddemon

    09' offroad

    Also, you could look into a rekluse clutch and you would eliminate all worries of stalling the bike.
  13. speeddemon

    efi in '10

    There is no o2 sensors to crap out unless you get the autotune feature from power commander. The sensors crapping out is very minimal, there has been fuel injection on suzukis race atv and I havent heard of many, if any sensor issues except for the tip over sensor which wouldnt be on the dirtbike i would believe.
  14. speeddemon

    TM andmoto x speed

    I am very curious to see how this pans out. Best of luck man
  15. speeddemon

    Thinkin bout the 09?

    Is that for an 09 ktm?