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  1. matt dude im liken the bike....looks sweet
  2. mrvans217

    My bikes!!

    nice rides man.....if i had like 10g's layin around id pry build me a couple too lol
  3. mrvans217

    My bike after a days ride.

    srry i thought i put why in my last post....due to the clutch being mounted on the crank...there is a chance the crank could snap....ive seen it happen....my buddies bikes both had motors with those styles of motors...they both snapped the cranks...we replaced one crank and the same thing happened....this probably happened because they both had inner rotor ignitions on them...this would cause them not to be balanced so i would suggest just leaving the stock flywheel on there, otherwise the lighter flywheel could cause the crank to snap
  4. mrvans217

    My bike after a days ride.

    just glancing at the pics and correct me if im wrong but isn't that the style of motor that has the clutch mounted on the crank? if so beware....
  5. mrvans217

    Zongshen vs, Lifan

    amen to what mattv said.....ive dealt with a motor with a crank mounted clutch....snaps cranks like nothing
  6. mrvans217

    wat type welder

    i agree with the previous post.......thats pry a good route to go....but if you have access to a 220 hookup i would go with a 220 mig welder with a gas hookup...thats just my opinion but trust me there will be a price difference...however with the 220 you will have more options on the power out put and you will be able to weld a lot thicker metal than you will with the 110
  7. mrvans217

    wat type welder

    correct me if im wrong but i believe only mig and tig can weld on aluminum. like i said i may be wrong but i've honestly never heard of anyone welding with an arc welder on aluminum. arc however is probably the cheapest type welder you can buy but in my opinion i would go with a mig...one that you will be able to switch between aluminum and steel. if you've never welded before i would definitly suggest finding someone with a mig welder and learn with that because that is by far the easiest. nate
  8. mrvans217

    wat type welder

    if you have never had any experience in welding then i would suggest getting a mig welder because its the easiest to learn on and also cosmetically looks good. Arc however is the strongest but takes more skill to learn......tig welding is in my opinion the best looking but by far the hardest to learn....but hey thats just my two cents....any questions feel free to ask me nate
  9. mrvans217

    Kelly Tedder's interview with Pit Racer mag?

    exaclty what i think
  10. mrvans217

    best 50 movie?

    i think 50 nuts 2 more boobs needs a name change to 50 pairs of tits and less 50 riding yeah sure they had some sweet 50 riding but not nearly as much as the first but oh well still both pretty sweet
  11. mrvans217

    best 50 movie?

    in your opinion which are some of the better 50 movies? ive only seen 50 nuts & 50 nuts 2 and i would say if you wanna see 50 riding 50 nuts is the better of the two. lol i think they kinda got pulled away from riding a lil in the second one. which ones do you guys like?
  12. mrvans217

    Extreme....what's your thoughts ?

    right coming from the guy that pisses everyone off i wouldn't be to sure on that response i really like my xtreme cr2. the thing hauls and i know some other people that have xtreme's and really like them. personal prefrence is a big factor too, theres no bike out there thats perfect for everyone so i would say if you could ride a few and choose the one you like the best. seems like each bike has its own problems but i would say for the money xtremes are worth every cent and they are priced pretty well in my opinion. go to www.moto-xtreme-online.com they have stuff for xtremes a forum just for xtremes. thats just my opinion
  13. mrvans217

    12" paddle tire

    that looks pretty sweet....have ne pics of it in action?
  14. mrvans217

    Need Help

    i decided to do a search on here and see if i could find any other posts with links that would lead me to some rings for my xtreme well heres what i found........ http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=225526&highlight=xtreme+piston+rings In there its says the lifan 110cc motor has the same bore that i believe my xtreme does which is 52.4 mm. well there was a link posted that was selling the rings and i was wondering if the 52mm rings would work on my xtreme? tell me what you think. http://store.yahoo.com/dratv/riseton51525.html thanx
  15. mrvans217

    Need Help

    alright sounds good but could you give me a link or a phone number or something to contact them thanx