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    Relocating to the Northwest... need advice!

    I live in Hood River, Oregon...you must check it out if your're going to be visiting the area. I used to live in Prescott, Arizona also. Did tons of mountain biking while there. Lots more opportunities to ride mountain bikes and motorcycles here. This is a recreational mecca. Hood River is a great town but it's starting to become a "Little Aspen", sort of expensive. You're also forced to participate in some winter sports for a couple of months per year but not bad at all. Its basically PARADISE!!! I work for the County Forestry Department so stop by and say hello if you get to town. Good Luck!
  2. I have an '05 WR250F and last week bought an '05 YZ250F auto decompression exhaust cam off of E-Bay. I also bought an '04 YZ250F silencer from a fellow TTer. I installed the silencer and had the local dealer install the cam and rejet my bike. It's a whole new machine, lots more power, much more fun and exciting. Now, I have one week to get used to it before the Starvation Ridge 25 hour race. Money well spent!!!
  3. I'm upgrading my 2005 WR250F and want to install a silencer off of a 2005 YZ250F. Am hoping that some of you have one you'd like to sell. By reading the threads it looks like $50.00 is the going rate. Let me know where I can find one. I've been looking on E-bay and Craigs List so far. I've already done the throttle stop, gray wire, opened the air box and removed the tiny baffle in my silencer.
  4. Buckalew

    D-Flex Handguards

    Lots of us have had these handguards break! I have an '05 WRF250F and ordered a pair of D-Flex Handguards for myself and my son's '04 TTR250L a month ago. I installed the handguards on both bikes but was dissapointed because they did not line up properly with the handlebars on either bike. On each bike I had to put a great deal of pressure on the main handguard bar to be able to attach the end to the inboard piece that is clamped to the handlebar. They did not seeem to be specific for either bike and I was dissapointed. One of mine broke after one week. RockyMountainMX is sending me a replacement part but I wish I'd ordered something that was properly designed for my handlebars. I previously had a 2000 DRZ400S which had Acerbis Handguards installed and they were good.