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  1. All this sounds good if I can access the screw.
  2. Yeah I loosened those clamps but the carb didn't really want to rotate. Wasn't sure I needed to loosen or disconnect anything else to get it to rotate. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I have a 2013 Beta 350 RR. I need to adjust the fuel mixture screw but can figure out how to access it. I saw there are a few tools online for this. Any suggestions how to do this in the most painless way possible. Bruce
  5. I'm looking for a shop manual for the 2013 beta 350 rr. I already have the owner's manual.
  6. Supercross

    I have to admit I've always liked Seely, i found him to be a good, clean, fast racer. A racer that rides within his limits but is still very fast. He's sort of like Dungey used to be a few years ago. I don't think you can be successful trying to be someone your not. Cole isn't an aggressive racer.
  7. Supercross

    I think Kisses just cased a double a double jump.
  8. Thank you for your response. it was very helpful.
  9. Anyone have any suggestions for aftermarket foot pegs? I find the stock ones a bit small. Bruce
  10. Looking to buy a gently used CRF250X. I live in southern NJ so if you live in the Northeast let me know and maybe we can work something out. Bruce
  11. Bromley's in Trevose is a good shop and a Suzuki dealer.
  12. Looking for someone to ride with in the pine barrens. I mostly ride in Wharton but I'm open to finding new places. I live near Turnersville.
  13. The NJ DEP has proposed a regulation to ban off-road capable motorcycles in the state's forest. Here is the web address: . There has been quite a bit of talk about this on other sites but I haven't seen anyone post it here so I thought I better let people know. You can call the DEP commisioner's office about your concerns as well as contacting the governor and your NJ senator and assemblymen. The DEP commisioner's info is listed below. Bob Martin, Commissioner 401 E. State St. 7th Floor, East Wing P.O. Box 402 Trenton, NJ 08625-0402 phone: (609) 292-2885 fax: (609) 292-7695 Please get involved to preserve our riding areas.