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  1. oze Dave

    Crankcase Cracks

    Good News Guys, Kawasaki are cobering repairs for the crankcase repairs, They blame it on a faulty plug pack (CDI) Kepp it mind all.
  2. oze Dave

    newbie question

    I had the same problem with my 05 KX250f. I fixed by installing an after market accelerator pump cover kit. Mine was from the Factory R&D people. It came with a easy to use mixture screw as well. Easy to install as well. I also saw the same thing in Transworld MX mag but it was made by Boyensen, the reed valve people. Both units improve hot starting 100% and remove a problem (which mine did not have) of "bogging" down when you crack open the throttle from idle. A cheap mod. Good Luck.
  3. oze Dave

    Crankcase Cracks

    I have an 05 Kx250f (7 months old)which has developed a crack on the inner casing due to "Kick-back" while starting. According to Kawasaki, this was a problem on the 04 model but was fixed on the 05 model with mods to the ignition pack program. I have experienced (on several occasions) this kickback which nearly breaks your ankle. I was just after info from any other owners who have had or know of this occurring and causing the casing to crack. A rather expensive fault on a new bike I might add !