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    iCAT 2005 CRF250R

    Well one thing is for sure, the iCAT isn't a big capacitor. With some hunting around you'll see that the iKAT uses a diode to change the spark signature which ultimately affects the flame front in the cyclinder. A capacitor stores the energy then releases it (which can and does cause sparkplug damage); the diode's actions makes all the difference without the damage. How? Dunno Yup they ain't cheap but the benefits are awesome. (ah hell, i just read page 2 and seen you guys already know this now no matter i'll leave the post anyhows)
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    Do you own a icat?

    defo #7 for me
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    Hey i've had an icat for a while now, had some problems when first got mine ( i managed to fit it wrong) anyway Tom @ icat was great and helped me out 100% www.icatusa.com in case you want the web address. I know this is an old post but was searching for something else and found it so it might just help ya Ty