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  1. Anyone have a ride/facility report for the new Highland Park area in Rome, GA? Thanks
  2. It's hot enough, I'd jump in the lake anyway...I have the Maxxis It and it has held up well so far FWIW.
  3. Sounds like the place is really shaping up. Glad you'll had a good ride. I am going to have to get down there soon!!
  4. Try standing up and you don't have to worry about monkey butt.
  5. 600ish, where is Prentice Cooper and what do they have there? I have heard about HoustonValley, but never been, will have to check that out sometime. Don't think it is too far from N. AL
  6. I hear ya, if only DP was closer! Haven't been to The Ridge in a while. $900 to renew at DP, that is less than they advertise now, you must have gotten in early. Almost hard to justify the price for the driving distance though, for me it would be anyway. We usually go for Memorial Day and again in the fall.
  7. Better then Durhamtown? Man, that's a little over board don't ya think? Each to his own though. I have ridden the Ridge, it is nice. I think some of the intersections need to be rerouted to avoid a possible head-on and some grooming needs to be done on the single track. Few more rains and some of that will be in bad shape and some of toughest. Other than that, it is a nice place to ride. Wish could make it for the hotdogs and bands. They still taking memberships?
  8. I have the Decal MX backgrounds and they have held up very well, fwiw