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  1. BMLracer

    wut to do to 110

    Get a good rear shock and some heave duty fork springs. You'll hate it otherwise. Also, get a good triple clamp, some renthal bars, and a KX60 front brake cable. You'll also need a peg bracket and big pegs. A folding shift lever is a must. After that, pipe, 134/138cc big bore kit with cam, rejet the carb, and an airfilter kit (however, if you ride in the mud, you might be better off swisscheesing the stock airbox) Check out mini moto magazine.
  2. BMLracer

    KLX110 Adjustable needle install question

    I got it from Two Brothers..same with the jets, needle, and sprockets.
  3. BMLracer

    KLX110 Adjustable needle install question

    so far...CDI box, PC T-4 pipe, gutted the stock airbox, re-jetted, Joker Machine choke plug, and sprockets. How do you install the needle? I'm an idiot when it comes to carbs. What was your final clip position?
  4. Noob here..I tried to search for this, but no luck. Have any of you installed the Two Bros. Adjustable needle in a KLX110? If so, any install suggestions and tips? Where did you set it? I've never worked on a carb before, so any advice would be very helpful. Thanks