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  1. Mandarax

    MT21 Sizing

    Read this from last month: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4136934#post4136934
  2. Mandarax

    What puts the nail in the coffin for the DR-Z?

    Producing is one thing, selling it another. Here in Europe Suzuki gave up selling the E and the S in the last two years. It's all about the SM now. The question is: is the europeen market so different from the US market or are we just ahead a year or two?
  3. Mandarax

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Me on mine in Tunisia about 3 weeks ago:
  4. Mandarax

    Tire Size Question

    For an overview of what the letters and numbers on tires mean, take a look at this page: http://www.us.metzelermoto.com/product_info/pcare/reading_tire/index.htm
  5. Mandarax

    Changing tires

    If you need to use lots of power, you're doing something wrong. Thinking it needs more power if it doesn't work instantly is a common beginner's error I did myself at first. Now I have the knowledge to do it with technique. And I insist on doing it at home in my garage with the tools I have with me when I'm going offroad.Neduro's Tire Changing Class helped me a lot.
  6. Mandarax

    S model thermostat....one more time

    My KTM LC4 640 has both.
  7. Mandarax

    What tires are you guys using?

    I'm using the Pirelli MT18. It's a fine tire for gravel and stony underground. For muddy conditions I prefer Pirelli MT83.
  8. Hello all, from time to time I go on trips where I can't rely on outside help, so I need to carry the basic replacements with me to get me going again if something brakes. Due to the steep prices for the original Suzuki stuff I tend to buy aftermarket levers. I already got clutch and brake levers, gear lever is ordered. Now I'm looking for a source of aftermarket clutch perches (yes, I've seen them brake in relatively fair conditions) I could get by mailorder and that are compatible with the original one on my DR-Z 400 SK3, preferably forged ones. Any suggestions? Oh, I checked out the TTShop, but there are so many to choose from, I wouldn't know what to order. Thanks for any help, Hans
  9. Mandarax

    DRZ Parts in Europe

    I think it wouldn't make much sense to buy the stuff here in Old Europe. Most of the dealers are actually resellers, that get their stuff from the US (except for plastics maybe). So instead of paying for shipment from the US to Turkey you would pay the dealer for handling and for shipment twice.Cheers, Hans
  10. Mandarax

    Which One - '97 DR350 or '00 DRZ400? Also Tire Question

    I'd definitely go for the DR-Z. If I remember right, the DR doesn't have an electric starter. That would be the criterium for me to not buy it. I experienced more then a few situations where I had to restart the engine and it took all my efforts just to keep sitting on it. There are steep uphills when you encounter an obstacle you just can't pass (it could even be your mate riding in front of you and who just fell) and you have to stop. Or you were to slow and killed the engine. I'm a short guy myself (1,66m, thats about 5'5" and a bit), so I know I would not be able to restart the bike if it was a kicker in a situation like that. On the technical side the is the much more modern engine of the DR-Z. Water cooled, long maintenance intervals, it's a bike that's still on sale, so after market stuff come in more shapes and sizes. As for the tires: I have no idea which one is street legal in the US. Regards, Hans
  11. Mandarax

    Need wiring diagram for E

    I own a 2003 S and have all the information I need to maintain my bike. But a friend has a 2003 E and asked me to help him with some electrical challenges his bike puts up for him. and there seems to be quite a difference between the two (E and S) when it comes to wiring. I know, this has been asked and answered before, but half an hour of sifting through the archives only resulted in not working links. Could one of the fellow riders point me to where I can get the wiring diagram or send one to this email address mandarax@gmx.de Thanks for your help, Hans
  12. Mandarax

    Another bad IMS tank

    I second that. Over here in Europe it's not as easy to decide because these tanks are quite rare to see and shipping back an item I'm not satisfied with can be quite expensive. And then there is the handling of custom charges (I can't get a hand on the item before paying them, but how to reclaim them when I send the item back?) and so on. But back to the subject. Together with a few pals I ordered an IMS tank and when I held it in my hands I had serious doubts in the existence of craftsmenship and something called quality. Due to the cost of returning it, I put it on the bike. That was not an easy task, because it wouldn't fit with more then two of the four mounting screws at a time. It was necessary to widen the hole in the latch that connects the tank to the frame. There are two inmould threadpieces, their position differs by 8mm where they should align. All 6 ordered tanks have this fault. Fitting the lower mounting points to the threads on the radiators was not possible without pushing the radiators backwards by about 12 to 15mm. Although the rads are mounted to the frame with some flexibility, I couldn't take this seriously. As for the protection of the radiators: a few days after mounting the tank the bike fell on the right side when standing and losing the grip under my right boot. Since than the right radiator is about 3mm smaller. One more thing: because I wanted to see how much is left in the tank from the outside, I ordered the "natural" semi transparent version. Being not used to the tank, I spilled some petrol over it when filling it fully for the first time. Since then I have stains on the outside of the tank that I can't get rid of. A tank gets stains from petrol? In the meantime I ordered a Clarke tank and Unabikers next door at the TT shop. With these items I'm really satisfied. The tank fits perfectly and looks fine. It's even nice to touch because it doesn't have the edges and visible borders between the parts of the molding form like the IMS. It's smooth. Due to a different exhaust with a larger diameter I had to change the left Unabiker a little, but that was straight forward.
  13. Mandarax

    Confused on S or SM, help a noob

    Unlike the E and the S, the SM has an upside down fork. Funny enough, that in the US you have to pay $500 more to get the SM. Here in Germany one can get the SM a few hundred Euros cheaper then the S. A while later: Could get, it is now. I just took a look at the website of Suzuki Germany. It seems they are no longer offering the E and the S in Germany while these bikes are still on offer in the neighbour countries. Strange things going on here... Hans
  14. Mandarax

    Repair Manual for DRZ400S

    Isn't it time to put this question (and the appropriate answer, mind you) to the top of the forum so there's no need to go throught it every 2 weeks?
  15. Mandarax

    what street bikes are DRZers riding?

    '99 KTM LC4 640 Enduro