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  1. I read somwhere you can buy a wire harness from kawi that comes with a cd to install on your computer and you plug it into your 11 kx 250 and you can adjust the power curve 7 diff ways?
  2. antifreeze-engine ice motor- amsoil fully synthetic BTW I am running the stock chain, Whats the cheapest O ring chain I can buy, My buddy said the no name ones on e bay have been working great for him Also Whats a good skid plate for the woods Other than the chain and skid plate I plan on keeping it stock till shes payed off:banana: 11 kx250f
  3. Im from jersey and I bought mine from rusty palmer in pa for 6250 out the door, They kocked off a lil cuz it was my 4th bike I bought from them.