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  1. rickydhood

    Crf250x Or ??????

    I just sold my DRZ400S and bought an 05 250X. Most of my riding is on trails following my 7 and 9 year old sons. I couldn't be happier with the trade, the 250X lacks the grunt of the 400 in the low and mid range no doubt, but the weight difference in my opinion more than compensates in most riding situations. The front end of the 250X is just so light in comparison and is easier to get off the ground than the 400 ever was. The other asset when trail riding with the kids is that first gear is just in the basement on this bike. You can be "in the power" of the engine and putting along at 5 mph. My only complaint so far is that I have a definite bog just off idle that I hope will be resolved with some jetting. I ride the bike at 4000-9000 feet altitude. Do It!
  2. rickydhood

    Fork seal question

    thanks guys, I'll give it a try
  3. rickydhood

    Fork seal question

    Picked up my 250x on Friday. Went for my first ride in dry and dusty conditions, and noticed dust building up around the left fork seal. Could I have a slow leak in the seal that needs attention, or could it just be some excess oil from assembly. Any way to check other than clean it up any pay attention going forward?
  4. rickydhood

    Here's a question

    My 7 year old rides an 01 ttr90. The bike has developed a hesitation at higher RPMs. I replaced the spark plug and it's still there. Could it be in need of some carb tuning? It's been 3 years since somebody posted in the TTR thread on this site so I figured I come here to ask instead.
  5. rickydhood

    250X vs 450R with a kickstand

    Guys, thanks for the opinions. I'm going over to the local Honda dealer at 3:00 today to pick up my 250X. Got a new 05 for $5700. The dealer let me take it out back and ride it around on a little track they have there and I was done looking around. They're installing the radiator brackets and Acerbis hand guards for me as well. The owner let me putt around on his piped 250x as a comparison...next year. I'm pretty sure that anything less than a wide open sand dune ride and this bike is going to be plenty for a 35 year old candyass like me. I hope you can see the grin on my face from wherever you are. By the way 125shifter, I guess I'll just have to have you send me some of that corn.
  6. rickydhood

    250X vs 450R with a kickstand

    Hey Goob, how do the mods you listed compare to the mentioned 270 Kit? Cost and performance. I could see myself buying the 250, and upgrading it after a year of riding.
  7. rickydhood

    250X vs 450R with a kickstand

    Bikewriter and Detlman, Good information. I'm leaning towards the 250x right now mostly because I feel like it's probably the best bike for the rider I really am, not the rider I wish I was (that hurts). What are the ccc mods that you talked about? Also, there is a new 2004 at a dealer here that I can get for a decent price. Should I be leary of this bike for any reason other than the fact that I'd be buying a brand-new, two-year-old bike? I'm still reserving the right to change my mind and buy the 450.
  8. rickydhood

    250X vs 450R with a kickstand

    I currently ride a DRZ400S and mostly just follow my two sons around on their crf80 and ttr90. I'd really like to be able to have a bike that I can toss around on the trails that we ride, with an occasional, hey kids watch daddy climb that big hill over there. Because of the Suzuki, I'm hyper sensitive to weight and have ruled out the 450x (?). It's either a 250x or a 450r with a kickstand. My biggest concern with the 450r is gearing. I do need a bike that can be lugged around at 10 MPH 25% of the time.