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  1. TonyBray

    Newb, need 2003 TTR125 baffle/arrestor

    I picked up this bike for my wife and daugther this weekend. The bike was super clean except it was missing the baffle/spark arrestor. Anyone removed theirs that no longer wants it? It's required where we live and ride and I could sure use it. --Tony
  2. Guys, I traded off my '04 TC450 and '06 CR125 and moved to a BMW G650X XChallenge this weekend. I spent the day riding some crazy back roads and some great single track, things I could never have done on the TC. I looked long and hard at the Husky 610 but Malcolm Smith was very proud of them. I also checked out the 510 and 450 enduros but didn't think they were good enough for more road action, like the BMW. You guys have been great and I have been helped immensely by everyone here on dialing in my TC450. I threw a graphic set and seat cover up on flea-bay and my Progrip Husqvarna jersey and pants. If you are still yellow/blue, it looks great! I have a pair of the 100th anniversary graphics left for it and a full shim kit if any of you have an 04 or earlier. These shims are 7.48mm OD 1.20M to 3.50MM shims. If anyone is interested, shoot me an email. Thanks guys and see you on the trails! --Tony
  3. TonyBray

    Buell and motocross?

    Best thing for Buell would be to be moved out of the Harley Dealerships!! I am a big big Buell fan but can't get over how the bikes are supported by the dealers. --Tony
  4. TonyBray

    Had some fun this weekend!

    Cahuilla Creek Casino has a really nice track off of the 371. Unfortunately, that's quite a drive for me... --Tony
  5. Ok, first off, before anyone goes on telling me how cool Cahuilla Creek is, I live 3 miles from LEMX!!! Now, that being said, it's not my first choice for a track but being that it's so damn close, it's hard to beat. So, Saturday was my first real ride in a while due to a leg injury I got elsewhere. I rode Wildomar OHV last weekend just to loosen up and stretch out. Saturday at Elsinore was great! I put my 04 TC450 out in front of a pack and kept it there for about 3-4 laps. No, not a formal race or nothing but man some of them youngsters could ride! I was the only Husky at the track again and as usual, I got the "WTF" looks from all the other riders. Anyway... Today, I'm so sore I could barely get my leg over the seat on my Ducati to get to work! Still, I rode my best ever Saturday at my young age of 38!! Now I just have to work through the pain so I can go again next weekend... Anyone else want to join? --Tony 2006 CR125 Husqvarna 2004 TC450 Husqvarna 1994 250WXE Husqvarna 1984 CR250 Husqvarna
  6. TonyBray

    Why Jap Bike People Complain About Husky Suspension

    The configuration issue has shown up several times when the big magazines test the Huskys. Take any one of the Honda/Yamaha/Kawi/Suzukis they test all the time and compare them to a bone stock Husky at a full blown Supercross track. The japanese made bikes ARE tailored for this but the Husky is not. We are fortunate to even have Huskys in America since Cagiva doesn't really seem interested in taking on the major makes in the country. I myself have learned to adapt and overcome and usually will hold my own against these other bikes at the track. With the bad title aside, the original post was correct. They are not comparing apples to apples with a stock Husky. Maybe we could find a European article where the Husky IS tested on a track it was DESIGNED for, compared to the other manufacturers and I bet it fares alot better. But what do I know, I'm just an ignorant hillbilly. Maybe a title of "Why Jap made bike people complain" would have been better? But then we would have the orange bike riders mad at us too? (The riders are not orange, their bikes are... Don't want to be misunderstood ). --Tony
  7. TonyBray

    04 tc450 valves (long term updates)?

    Not yet, but he's on my list. From my research here, my (semi) locals who can do the work are Up-Tite and GP in San Diego. There's also Moto-Forza and Ron Bishop in Escondido. --Tony
  8. TonyBray

    2006 CR125 PowerValve spring update

    We changed the spring yesterday. Won't know until next Saturday what difference it really makes. My 04 TC-450 is now down with the bad valve syndrome so I will have to share time on the 125 with my kid until my bike is back on track. I will post a report after next Saturday's ride. --Tony
  9. TonyBray

    04 tc450 valves (long term updates)?

    rikker, Where did you get them and who installed them? I would like to get my bike back on the track soon --Tony
  10. TonyBray

    04 tc450, no bleeder on rear brake?

    Sweeet! Thanks for the part #. I will get it after I get my right intake valve problem taken care of! --Tony
  11. I don't want to open a whole can of worms but I have the dreaded right side intake valve gap closed issue. I have spent the better part of the last hour researching this site for a cure but most of the posts are really old. My question is for those that have Del West valves vs Halls SS valves and which seem to be holding up better? Can the valves be upgraded to the larger stem size used on the 05's with minimal work or does that require new seats, guides, etc.? I really love my bike but I am getting better on it and thus riding harder and harder. I am looking for the long term reports from those that have 04's and which solution they have and how it has worked for them. --Tony
  12. TonyBray

    04 tc450, no bleeder on rear brake?

    Mine is just the hollow bolt that goes through the banjo on the end of the brake line. Maybe just a replacement bolt with a bleeder in it? --Tony
  13. I was doing some maintenance on my bike for my next ride and noticed my rear brake reservoir fluid looked dark so I was going to bleed it and refill with fresh fluid. Only problem is, there isn't a bleeder on the rear caliper! The manual shows one in the pics but I don't have one! How the hell do you bleed the rear with no bleeder valve? --Tony
  14. I have a Ducati for that part Can I go? --Tony
  15. Chris, Don't you live up the street from me (Gruwell)? --Tony