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  1. kents_504

    06 suspension help

    Yea thats what I thought at first too because I would bottom my suspension out over the real big jumps but it would beat the hell out of me over braking bumps and such. Turned out my bushings were shot and I was to light for the spring rate. I thought the exact opposite too that I was spont on for the stock spring rate but Fat Max told me otherwise and swaped the other fork springs, changed the iner chamber springs and revalved both ends for me. Now my suspension preforms great and soaks up all the big and small stuff and my arms dont pump up after 4 laps either!!!! Most people think the spring rates are spot on because of what some calculator tells them not because they have had real world experience with other rates.
  2. Hey I need a stock head pipe guard to fit a 06 yz450f. Figured Id post here because Id get more views.
  3. kents_504

    06 suspension help

    Dude I'm 180 without gear and I had to swap to lighter springs on both ends. The stock springs are set for someone around 190, (race-tech spring calculator isnt right.) I sent my stuff to Fat MAx racing and had them swap springs and revalve and my suspension is amazing!
  4. kents_504

    gytr flywheel on 06

    I know some people have used the heavier of the two. I race strictly mx, had one on my 250f before and loved it.
  5. kents_504

    gytr flywheel on 06

    Is anyone running the lighter of the two gytr flywheels on their 06 or 07 450?Just curious.
  6. quick question, bought an 06 yz450f a couple of weeks ago. It came with a big gun headpipe on it(the one in the evo-r package.) Owner kept the slip on portion for his new bike, but left me the headpipe. I was wondering since the stock muffler fits good on the headpipe can I use a different aftermarket slip on with that headpipe.(i.e. white brothers,fmf,ect.)
  7. guess the aftermarket has to stay in business somehow. And everyone on this forums knows too that if these bikes came equipped like they should we'd all wanna change things out anyway, just because we could.lol.
  8. kents_504

    help with suspension on 06 450

    aight well as soon as it quits snowin here, stupid ohio weather, ill get on adjusting the sag and pulling those forks up in the triple trees. Has anyone used the motion pro speed bleeders on their forks.??
  9. kents_504

    help with suspension on 06 450

    what is everyone else runnin their sag at? and anything else on the fork bleeders?
  10. Hey guys, We went and rode today at the ramjam indoor in lorain, ohio today. First let me say this is the first ive ridden on a track in about a year, took some time off, and i feel more comfortable of this bike than i did when i stopped racing. The motor is great and the suspension worked great over the big jumps but it sucked big time over the small stuff and the whoops. I havent played with the suspension at all yet was curious to see what you folks were doing.Im around 6' 178lbs(w/o gear) Also what are you guys using to bleed your forks i can not for the life of me get them open with a regular screwdiver:crazy: .Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey guys, I recently picked up a really nice 06 yz450f and am in need of doing an oil/filter change. I forgot to get the manual from the guy i bought it from but I called and he is mailing it out. I just need to know like step by step directions for draing the oil. I came off a 02 yz250f so i know how to do the filter and such, but just dont know where to drain the oil from or how much to put back in(Ive heard 1qt???). Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. kents_504

    New 07 questions

    Okay so I went to the dealer yesterday and got the 0,0,0 12 deal and will be getting my 07 yz450f friday:p . I havent had a brand new bike since my 80 days and am pumped. Just have a few general questions though. What kind of oil are you guys runnin during break in? I know that the stock chain is junk what do you just suggest replacing it with? Also I know on the 06's that a lot of ppl messed with the jetting. Did yamaha fix any of this for 07 or should I go ahead and pick up some jets while im at the dealership.Thanks and if anyone has any other suggestion post em up.
  13. kents_504

    0-0-0-12 deal from yamaha

    damn thats what i was wanted to hear. I mean the 6 month is a good deal but a whole years is awsome. Damn its supposed to be nice here this weekend to. Next desicion i gotta make is blue or white.lol
  14. kents_504

    0-0-0-12 deal from yamaha

    okay does anyone know if this deal is a 6 or 12 month deal. I guess i should just call my dealer but Im just tryin to find somethings out so I dont look like a dunce when i walk in to make a deal.
  15. Has anyone took advantage of this deal yet? I checked the yamaha website and they have it listed as a 0-0-0-6 month not 12. Ive heard and read on here though that it was a full 12 month deal? Does this deal charge for the acrued interest during the grace period? Anyway if anyone has taken advantage of this lemme know cause I may have a new 450 in my shed by friday if everything works out.