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  1. Sorry guys, I meant I have a 1998 cr125, not that I have 98psi. Thanks again
  2. what is the stock compression for a cr125, I have a 98 and was wondering, thanks!
  3. johnr3

    Pictures of injuries

    WOW all those look very painful, glad to see all of you kept riding. The weird thing is that my company makes alot of that "hardware"(or somewhat similiar) everyday and you cant believe some of the stuff that my company makes to put in people But seriously, Thank God for Titanium!
  4. johnr3

    2006 heads

    Thanks for the response, I take it that you used the stock parts for an 06.
  5. johnr3

    2006 heads

    What are the parts that you put in the 06 head, ie cam, valves, springs, and other? Thanks, John R.
  6. johnr3

    Riding in the rain??

    Its exactly the same in Northern Indiana
  7. johnr3

    big rider small bike help please!

    Thank you for your reply, I have a couple of questions now. Where should I get my springs from and how heavy should I go? Thanks again, John
  8. Hello my name is John and I am very new to the dirtbike scene and had a question. First off I would like to tell you about myself and my present situation. I am not that new to the off-road world, I have ridden quads for some number of yrs now, last being a Honda Trx450R. I just recently jumped to dirtbikes just to see how fun all my friends say they are, and now after buying one I believe them. I am 6'2 and I weigh 240lbs(with all my gear). I own an 05 crf250x, I know that it may be a small bike for my size but its my first ever dirtbike. I ride trails, some mx, and some street, but mostly trails. Getting to the point, I would like to know what I should do to my bikes suspension to benefit me. Thank you all for your input. If there is something I left out let me know and I will post right away.
  9. johnr3

    What should I buy first?

    I agree with cowboybob 100% I dont think the bike needs anything performance wise right now, but I would like to protect it some more, so I think that I will buy some hand guards and radiator guards. It dosent get that technical in IN but you do have to watch out for the wildlife, they seem to like red dirtbikes! Thanks for the input guys, this is why I love TT
  10. johnr3

    What should I buy first?

    Hey guys I was looking for some good ideas on what I should upgrade first on my 05 250x. I just bought the bike last week(first dirtbike) and I got about $200 to spend. Thanks for your time!
  11. johnr3

    Chain length

    thanks for the info, loosening the chain is just a matter of loosening the 4 allen bolts than moving the eccentric cam right?
  12. johnr3

    Honda Chain length

    Hey Im kinda new to the sport quad scene so forgive me if this is a silly question. I have a Honda trx450r and I want to put a 13 tooth sprocket up front and I was wondering if I had to take one link out of my chain. Thanks for your input.