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  1. Check cam timing and valve clearance. If the cam timing is off, the intakes will can too soon.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll try new springs, although when the valve job was done, they were replaced, at least they were on the bill.
  3. Yes, enough that if I hit the face of a jump and crack it WO, it would be ugly!
  4. My CRF450 will cut out when wide open, I have followed SM tests and have not solved this problem. Changed, pulse generator, ignition, checked valve adj. and jetting. I have 2 450's they are both 02's and everything is the same on each bike, ecxept the one that cuts out has Kibblewhite valves. Any ideas, has anyone had problems with these valves?
  5. Use a penny, hold it between the clutch basket gear and the drive gear on the crank shaft, its softer than the gears so it wont damage them, but it will hold the clutch basket so that you can remove the nut.
  6. It happens when opening the throttle quickly from about 1/2 to full. And when wfo.
  7. Anybody have any idea why my 02 450 chokes when I have the throttle pinned? If I let off a little it stops. Usually when exiting a turn, or on a long straight.