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  1. i think we need to start a poll and decide who wins:banghead:
  2. im needing to buy some shims. can anyone tell me where i can find them, please?
  3. it shouldnt fit. look at the differences 04 05 and up
  4. i had a bad day at cooperland, just couldnt get it together. i made up for it at the 500 though.
  5. haha, hell yeah!! thats crazy. did you guys have fun?? when ya comin back?
  6. here is mine. let me know what you guys think.
  7. yes, you will have to make one yourself. i tried using carpet padding, but it didnt look that great. i think my bike would look killer with one..
  8. thanks!! actually, i would love to hear the techs. could pm me the techs? if you dont care to, no worries!
  9. one setting is for hard pack and the other is for loam. i believe the 100 is for loamy conditions.
  10. hmm, not sure what to do. i have five gallons of it sitting in my garage. i too am a pilot and heard all of the reasons: high altitude additives, it burns hotter, it burn dryer, its made for low compression engines, etc. but, i did use it in my two stroke for years and did no harm. a friend of mine used to work for boysen and dyno'd fuel. he found that av gas was within half a horsepower of the top fuels at the time, circa mid 90's. im just wondering if its gonna hurt it. i think i will try half and half. but when i went from pump to av on my two smoke, it made a world of difference. it only made it run way lean, which it will do on any bike. thanks for your imput guys!!!
  11. is av gas ok to use in four strokes?
  12. is the shock off of a 05 250f longer than the shock off an 04 450? im wanting to put the 05 shock onto my 04.
  13. i would do it. you generally dont need as much maintenance as alot people think. the only year model i personally would avoid is the 02. if you dont have to push start it, the valves are atleast in decent shape. all else fails, sell it and buy a newer xr. just my opion.
  14. is the shock off of a 05 250f longer than the shock off an 04 450?