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  1. zac daniels

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    @jproaster, good to hear. You're stoked!
  2. zac daniels

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    Forget spending more dough when those mini stalks break. Sicass will probably have a flush mount set up to you in a couple days. They're great to their customers, give em a call.
  3. zac daniels

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    I have the 3600. It works very well for my use and it's a great price point.
  4. zac daniels

    '16 xcfw 350 plating

    I have a '14 350 xcfw. You will not be disappointed with the Sicass Racing kit. Install is a breeze. Everything is very well put together and again, awesome install. I ride mostly single track PNW trails. This kit has been very durable through PNW desert to heavy downpour rain. This is the perfect minimalist kit. Make sure to order mini stalk up front and flush mount for the rear LEDs. Customer service at Sicass is fantastic. I would also recommend a headlight upgrade. I run Cyclops Adventure Sports LED. Really turns night to day. Same thing, super easy plug and play and folks at Cyclops are really great people. Happy braaaping!