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    racing,trail riding, bmxing, snowmobiling, makin mx movies
  1. misfitnick

    Ontario!!! crazy azz weather

    sorry bevo i didnt end up going to bakers pit, i was up at machine racing, then we decided to go to edge preformance as well and this track in newmarket was closer then bakers down at stouffville rd. we decided to boot around for a bit to check her out. it was a little muddy i asume bakers will be the same. you could get cooking pritty fast though in some spots. there's a huge kicker at the newmarket track in the back in this half pipe looking thing, it looks good for freestyle if ya'll are into that. the mx track is pritty good to lots of speed and not all whooped out like bakers much easyer on the arms
  2. misfitnick

    Ontario!!! crazy azz weather

    yea i went out to that place in newmarket, around 230ish, then i headed up to edge i think i saw u in there on my way back from edge. was a little slippery in there i need new tires on my bike haha. still had good ride got going pritty quick in some spots im definatly going back if this weather keeps up
  3. misfitnick

    Ontario!!! crazy azz weather

    yea man its crown land, if you head south on bayview just at lake wilcox there on your left hand side there's a track just look for bethesda road theres a parking spot just past it and an entrance to the pit, you can also park over at the bridge near the bayview extension its an alright place to ride lots of sand some nice ups and downs a couple small jumps and some alright trails if you dont mind bush wackin haha
  4. misfitnick

    Ontario!!! crazy azz weather

    going out riding tomoro in richmondhill for a little pre season prep, im sure glad i didnt spend $6000+ on a sled hahaha
  5. misfitnick

    hair scrambles

    hey man, OCMC holds lots of hare scrambles during the summer and they are pritty damn good check out their site www.ocmc-racing.ca , you don't have to be a member to race in their hare scrambles