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  1. arider278j

    Help make sugar pine ohv a better place

    Thanks for the links norcal. Guys just take a minute and send an email of support. This is a great project that will add over 25 miles of new trails.
  2. As some of you may have seen from either riding there or reading Bob's post's there has been lots of great work being done at sugar pine ohv. Matt Brownlee and his crew have been doing many reroutes and trail up grades around sugar pine. He has another project going on right now. Its called the big sugar project. part of the big sugar project is a new trail from china wall to Robinson flat along the north side of Foresthill road. This will allow riders to access the high trails while doing a loop and not just up and back on same trail as it is now. Plus many repairs and trail up grades in and around the main trial system. If you have any questions go to usfs Tahoe forest web site and look at the maps. Please take a minute and send Matt an email supporting this project we need to have lots of support on this to get it done. Matt's email is mmbrownlee@fs.fed.us Thanks K Greene
  3. arider278j

    Foresthill new Cut Trail on Loop Two - "Ridge Route" ride video

    I have been good bob thanks for asking. Bob, Maybe you should give Matt Brownly a call at the Foresthill ranger station, he is the trails guy that fixed that trail. Maybe he will make the next section straighter.
  4. arider278j

    Rock Creek - Flume Trail - "Fixed"

    Mike, this trail is not being made into a mountain bike trail but if a mountain biker rides out to the flume trail more power to them. Its in the middle of no where, there are many more areas of George town that would be much more mountain bike friendly such as the darling ridge trails.
  5. arider278j

    Rock Creek - Flume Trail - "Fixed"

    You guys are funny, if they closed the flume trail because of some environmental problem you would complain. They fix it so it can be ridden for years and you complain. Is it a side walk yes. But the trail is still open. That section is what 100 yards long. Seems to me I remember bob complaining about the difficulty of that section 10 years ago. Be happy it's fixed and not closed.
  6. arider278j

    Foresthill new Cut Trail on Loop Two - "Ridge Route" ride video

    wow that reroute looks great. looks like bob needs to get better at switch backs.
  7. arider278j

    FH conditions this time of year? or ride report?

    About 8inches of snow at china wall. Prob 3 inches down in the trail 3 area. That was this afternoon.So I would look else where to ride. Also all trails close jan 1
  8. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    E that looks rough! When you get better you have guided tour by me of he high country trails. Get better soon my friend
  9. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    Erio, did your surgery go good.
  10. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    Dude, that sucks sorry to here that. Get better your welcome to come up and ride anytime you rock. Stu it was good to meet you we need to ride together more. My cell # (530) 559-3518
  11. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    Hey eldo i have watched your posts over the years your a really good rider we should hook up and ride. I have only rode in your area racing the pole cat and the 49er enduro. I have only play rode over there once.
  12. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    ha stuinfh i hope i don't have a bad rap. theres more than one local guy up here that rides we have some really fast locals. I will try and make it up sat morning. if you have free time give matt a call he has been doing strong work on the trails.
  13. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    08:30 hummm I may come and join you guys. stuinfh do you live in forest hill?
  14. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    Yes there is a planned reroute there, It's suppose to go below the bike down stream then turn back and meet up with existing trail. There's also a reroute in the works to take the road section of loop five and move it off road and make it a trail. I will put something out when they get closer because I thumper talk guys are willing to help.
  15. arider278j

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    Matt Brownley the forest service trail guy has been very busy up on the trails at Foresthill. A lot of work has been done on trail six already with more planned. He has a grant to do a bunch more work this year. There's a few of us from Foresthill who have put in many days of work up there. If any of you want to give a day some time give Matt a call at Foresthill ranger station.