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  1. Tesco

    Yzf250x failure

    We had a good look tonight, but the trouble is the bike is working at the moment. We have tried a new fuel pump when the bike was not starting a few Weeks ago, and a new ecu and coil and new relays and tilt sensor fitted all to no avail. It almost like the engine kill is being depressed but it not. So we went looking for that fault tonight but found nothing definitive.
  2. Tesco

    Yzf250x failure

    We have replaced the relays on my mates bike, but I will ask if he's pulled the wire harness apart to look at the contact as you have suggested
  3. Tesco

    Yzf250x failure

    Yes but it will not fire and gain no fuel pump sound.
  4. Tesco

    Yzf250x failure

    Hello me and a mate both have a 2015 yzf250x his has 80 hrs mine has 93hrs on them. His bike has had a problem for a few months now of none starting, but very intermittently. now mine has developed the same problem today. I just fails to start. It will crank over but not fire up. The fuel pump is not triggering either. The bike was being ridden before this happened no misfires or sings off any problem just pulled up and hit the kill switch and it failed to start 5 min later
  5. Hi I've got a 2015 250fx and I'm after a hydraulic clutch conversion kit for it but I can find any kits that fit my bike over here in the UK as it a Canadian import. Missing the feel of the hydraulic leaver after riding ktm for to long lol. Can any one point me in the right direction please
  6. Tesco

    Clutch Plates

    How have other fokes found the clutches on the 07 yamaha wr and yzf 250 i got one that look the same as the guy above crap.
  7. I am thinking of purchasing a very clean ohlins shock 4 my wr250f07 the unit has been fitted to a 04 125yz will it fit my bike this is what the ohlins sit states part no YA 793 Type: S46PR1C2W Length: 490mm Stroke: 130,5mm Fits: Yamaha YZ 250F(2006-2007) (this is the closet match 4 my bike i think) Part no: YA 691 Type: S46PR1C2W Length: 492mm Stroke: 132mm Fits: Yamaha YZ 125(2002-2007) Documents: Mounting instructions the part no are diffrent but the, type are the same so i am not sure. any help will be good thanks ..
  8. I am running a rezuse, auto pro clutch system .I have only had this fitted for a few months now. On my ride out to day ,it started to make some very strange sounds. Then they disappear only to start again a few miles later. So I stop and removed the clutch cover to discover that the clutch plates were braking up. I then got the bike recovered to home in a van. When home I strip it down to discover that three plates have broken up two so bad that the bits left do not make up one clutch plate. My clutch basket is seriously grooved up and the boss as well. My question are what the hell go wrong with this auto clutch to do this much damage. And where have the missing friction plates gone, the oil filter was heavily contaminated but I can not see bit in the bottom of the engin casing.  Ps the clutch was fitted correctly. With the correct gaps ,me and my riding buddy fitted one at the same time as me. My bike is a 07 wr250f
  9. you get far better forks and shock on a mx gear box is moor suited 4 gnc /H&H type racing no need 4 lights racing gnc / H&H bike is thiner in the rear end it will be lighter
  10. Is this possible . And if so how difficult a job, and how much will it cost approx
  11. Had a missfire develop at the last race .look at the usual things with a bike only covering 649 miles, carburetor strip and cleaned , plug changed, water in wiring, none found , tried a new plug cap all to no a vale still had a miss fire then it would be ok, then re-aper very in consistent . Sent the stator windings of to west country windings, they tested it. test was in conclusive I had it rewound just to be sure and hay presto miss fire no moor 40 miles and one 3hr gnc type race all seems better now. so much for far eastern billed Qaulity:foul: . my ktm never had this,it was just a bi%%ch to start thou:bonk: .
  12. I had my wr about 6 weeks now . I was looking at the air box to day and i discovered that there is no way 4 water to drain out. The vent is sealed up with a clear pipe thats crimped closed. To make maters worse the engin breather is only ½" above this in the bottom of the air box . So if you get to much water in your air box it might get sucked in to your engin !! . I am wondering what is the best way to solve this problem. As I have be none to ride through the odd puddle.
  13. I just purchased my first yamaha (had a ktm250sx-f previous:banghead: ) I now.. My question is what are and how can i remove all this extra pipe work that sit on top of the head . Is it some kind of engin breather system thats need in California? If I can remove it what involved
  14. Tesco

    07 WR Exhaust Baffle!

    I have fitted a stander yzf exhaust to my wr she rocks now and it still only 96db no spark arrester though .(we don’t need them in the uk to wet and windy )
  15. Tesco

    06 header on 07

    i just got a wr250f 07 2week ago felt it was restricted by the pipe .my mate had a stander 06 yz250f systum in his garage .the stander wr header is smaller than the 06 yzf so i put the hole systum on, it fitted a treat and it was warp speed all the way:eek: . it looks like all piping to the end cans are the same just using a thiker or thiner gasket to mach the header pipe.