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  1. JT Lake

    supermoto xr 400

    16/40 here w/ 440 kit and mikuni pumper, yosh full system, 100+ no problem..lost lower end a little but its still fast as hell for an xr.
  2. JT Lake

    97 xr400r, died at speed(about 80mph) help?

    Your breather tube be a lil' clogged too! Check that out real good
  3. JT Lake


    I'd be intrested in your old shock. Keep me posted. jt@themongooses.com
  4. JT Lake

    XR400 Dual Sport Tires....

    Avon Distanzias from www.mawonline.com
  5. JT Lake

    XR's Only customer service???

    They definately are a "no frills, we don't give a F***" type of business to deal with. Expensive too! I ordered from them once. They sent me parts I didn't order and it took them 6 months and about 10 phone calls to get me my refund back NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING!