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  1. Hi me and a good friend of mine put a '82 kz 250d(thumper) motor in an old 50cc dirtbike frame... well used to be that frame. I basically made a new frame for it. I was hoping to make her street legal for my senior project. I still have the frame tag and the motor code is on the motor... I figure if choppers can licence thiers, I can do mine?? Let me know what I gotta do after the obvious(lights, mirror, signals). Thanks!-darren
  2. Wow, grow up,*some of* you guys are just like harley riders dissin on metric bikes... its not the brand or in this case how many wheels are hittin the ground, its the passion for the sport... Tubo, sorry to highjack your thread, I'm done now.
  3. They're parked and not riding.... -darren
  4. Cool story, although I am a race quad rider... I will agree with most of the 4x4 quad riders are redneck hillbillies. Us racer's are the ones all geared up riding out there for the love of the sport, not to get drunk and get dirty like some of the 4x4'ers... How can you say we rut up the tracks more than dirt bikers? Its pretty logical that dirtbikes have one, skinny, tire to put the power to the ground. Compareds to race quads have usually a combined width of about 35-40 inches. So obviously a dirtbike would rut up a loose track much faster than a quad. And to who ever said there track is been better since the quad riders were banned... dur... theres less riders ripping up the track, hence the track would maintain its condition much better. Sorry for such a negative 1st post, just my opinion on the subject. Cool site-darren