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  1. Don't know how this post got here but this is a PRIVATE track and not open to public. And after reading replies you know why.There are many tracks in dist.17 try them.
  2. we raced 85s for 3yrs went through 7 of them never ever did i do that
  3. Procircuit sells a device that stops this give them a call and it works
  4. Those of you looking for a hammerhead shifter they finally have them in stock
  5. works great from the bottom thru the top, not as loud as the 04 and 05 pipes,jet it and use race gas.
  6. Go to procircuit.com they have jetting specs, on their website.That will get you going
  7. If you got lucky and stopped in time,cams and head.Last one i seen thats what was wrong with his. good luck
  8. They been telling me 2weeks for 2yrs now.They say they have 300 ready in 2 weeks.i guess we will find out in 2 weeks.good luck
  9. Nobody puts more testing in than procircuit.Use there jetting and race gas and you will notice alot of difference.05 pipes seemed louder than 06 for some reason. Good luck
  10. 05 seat cover works on 06 we changed ours already
  11. Procircuit recommends race gas when using their piston
  12. Two years ago my son had a class 2 separation.Was sidelined 3 weeks from racing.Evs has a brace that is designed for shoulder seperations,it worked wonders for him.Other than going through woops he had no pain while riding.Was 8 weeks for him till he was back to normal.
  13. We have ran them for the last two years,landing off jumps is were you will feel it,much softer.It does lower the the seat height and takes some getting used to.Ajust your race sag after you install.I have one for sale still in the box pm me if interested
  14. check the dictrict 17 site follow the link to ama rules quite clear 251cc and above
  15. no schoolboy or 125 class, all vet and plus classes 250 and open.Make sure your cylinder is marked and your good to go.