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    WR250F Baja Designs Problems.

    William, Unfortunitely you cannot disconnect the harness going to the regulator . With a floating stator the CDI needs the ground from the Regulator in order to charge the cap to generate the spark . I talked to Baja Designs and they told me as long as the voltage out of the regulator is 13 volts it is working correctly. So I need ride the bike and see if the bike works now with my wiring error.THe things I do not underatnd is why does the stator show 16 volts and drop when you rev the bike ? Why , if you disconnect the battery with the bike running does the voltage from the regulator drop to 5 volts ?
  2. lalexman1

    WR250F Baja Designs Problems.

    Yes I have put in paper clips to check the voltages the votage at the imput tot he regulator is 6 volts VAC starting and goes up to 17 VAC Running. Then when you rev the bike it drops down. After the regulator and not battery its 4 volts. Since the changed stator has different voltages and the regulator is for a floating ground I was hoping to find more information. Also yes I have the manual but it does not contain all the needed information . I am going to email baja designs and see what they say.
  3. I installed the new Baja designs kit on my WR250F 2008. I had some problems with it running correctly with headlights on. It acted like a two stroke boggin down. So I took it all apart and found that they added a connector in the headlight area for a new Acewell speedometer. I inadvertently connected this to the old headlight connector since they were the same . (Yes typical guy did not follow the directions). Anyways this put 12 volts on the yellow regulator lead .So I remvoed the connector and them tried to check the Stator voltage and battery charging voltage. The stator voltage was 6 VAC starting and about 17 VAC running. As you reveed the bike the stator voltage dropped! Also the voltage with the battery disconnected was abour 4 volts. OK I guess I blew the regulator. Being an electronics engineer I want to make sure it was the regulator so I tried to find a way to test the regulator. Without a schematic of the actual regulator it is very difficult. I read a number of articles to see how check the stator by starting the bike and removing the white and yellow wires from the stator and actually measuring the voltage from the stator. Funnny thing is the CDI uses the voltage from the stator to charge the capacitor so how can disconnect it and expect the bike to run ? Since the mods to the stator make it a floating circuit you cannot use you old regulator to test it but I did connect the old regulator just to see the voltage on the stator and it read 22VAC. Sorry to be so long winded but my question is are their any schematics or explanations on how to check if the regulator is bad other then connecting up a new one ? Also how can you check the stator running if the CDI will not work with it connected ? Thanks