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  1. twitch5


    I've been running the Atrax SX1 and am actually really impressed. I haven't tried the MX51 but I feel the SX1 is on par with the old 756's but they wear much better...
  2. twitch5

    CR 125 make-over

    Looks good man. What did you use to clean that engine up with? It looks brand new...
  3. twitch5

    Throttle control in whoops

    Just to add to everyone else; stay on the balls of your feet, squeeze like hell with your knees, ride a gear or two high coming in, keep your elbows up, practice...
  4. twitch5

    New Marzocchi forks and shocks

    They look sweet...and very expensive! I've liked how Marzocchi forks performed on the MTB I'm sure they will feel amazing after set up
  5. twitch5

    Will an '08 motor fit in an '07 frame?

    Well, I'm not 100% certain but I believe if you use the 08 motor mounts when installing it should fit no problem. I belive that the frames for 07-08 were the same but the mounts were changed to affect the handling? Can anyone confirm?
  6. twitch5

    Decompression Mechanism

    If the cam chain is too tight the kickstarter will be really hard to use. Be careful with this cause you could snap the cam chain if not properly adjusted. Might be worth checking out...
  7. twitch5

    Powdercoating rims?

    I went out to Harbour Freight and bought a powder coating system/paint and picked up an oven off of Craigs List for cheap. Powder coating is super easy and it has saved me so much money. It holds up well and looks good. Your rims should be fine.
  8. twitch5

    new to me 08 kx

    Awesome. Congrats! I love my 08, it's a fun bike!
  9. twitch5

    Privateer X

    Good read!
  10. twitch5

    Toronto SX pics - Updated

    The pic with Dungey and the other with Windham in the corner is super sweet. Thanks for the post!
  11. twitch5

    08 fork oil capacity

    That's a good post! A unique way of going about installing some parts without the specialty tools
  12. twitch5

    Thinking about buying an 08 Kawi 450

    Great bike! I bought mine brand new and didn't have to touch the valves until I hit my 67 hour mark. I am at almost 80 now and they are still good. I love it! I haven't had any issues regarding anything other than the chain guide, but that's an easy fix. Great bike with lots of power, you'll love it.
  13. twitch5

    08 fork oil capacity

    I just did mine recently (inner and outer chambers) and I used 32ounces for both forks. I'm not at home so I can't look, but I know it was like 16 ounces per fork for inner and outer...Sorry I can't be more specific...
  14. -Honda -Kawasaki -Yamaha -Suzuki -KTM These brands will be your biggest or most popular.