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  1. kylew89

    the best of both worlds

    A 450 can be thrown around like a 125 no problem if you want to bad enough
  2. kylew89

    Made a boot/glove dryer for $10

    thats a pretty nifty tool you got there
  3. kylew89

    Rear tire help!!!?!?!?!?

    I'm don't know a whole lot on tire sizes so maybe one of you can help me out... the rmz450 rear comes stock with the 120/80-19, well this seems to hard to find except from dunlop, bridgestone, or michilen.... what other sizes will fit the rear on this bike? Also same question with the tube, can't really find the right tube size, what other sizes will fit??
  4. kylew89

    Your big "WAD UP" will come (wreck)

    I use to hit freestyle ramps the winter before last, never had any problems with this jump, the every now and then slide out or hard landing, but nothing serious. One day I was practicing on this jump for a couple hours, I didn't want to stop, and it was just about dark so I could barley even see what I was doing but I didn't care. Then before I knew it, my bike let me down, I always hit the ramp in 2nd gear, but then, I was about 3/4 up the ramp and my bike fell into neutral which left no time to do anything, I knew I was going to case it, not sure how bad but I knew it. I revved the bike all the way out, turned it sideways and everything to try to avoid landing directly in the landing dirt, but it didn't work, I just smashed straight into it. I remember crunching down on the bars, but then I don't remember anything except laying down on the ground looking up and I couldn't breathe. My dad sat there and kept going, KYLE, KYLE, KYLE! (I didn't hear it, but it was on the video , you can't see anything because it was almost dark but you could hear it) My bike was still stuck into the dirt running up above me, I felt like I had a million pounds laying on me for some reason because no air would come through me, after about 20 seconds I got the smallest room for air but I still couldn't really breathe, everytime I tryed to it was just a big moaning sound, I was just laying there attempting to breathe looking at the sky, I didn't know what in the world was going to happen to me. It didn't even really hurt at the time, I was just moaning because thats the sound that came out every breathe I tryed to take, eventually it started to get better and better, I could finally breathe without making a moaning sound after about a half hour of this, but it still took about another two hours before I could breathe at a normal rate. I didn't goto the hospital, I just went home and layed on the couch for a while, I was really really sore but amazingly nothing got broke, I have no clue how, but my bones didn't get hurt. For the rest of that night I was peeing blood and everything, I just hoped it would clear up that night, but if it didn't I was going to the hospital the next day. Luckily, it did clear up the next day, I turned out to be fine somehow, that was the scariest crash I've ever had and probably ever will, Ive broke bones since then and it didn't compare to that crash at all. Hope this don't happen to any of you
  5. I'm looking for a used box/work van, early 90s+up, 6 cyl. preferred, don't want to pay much more than $1000, can anyone help me out on where to look? By the way, I live on the eastern shore on md so if any of you know anything about 100miles away or closer, let me know!
  6. I made a small survey for some of you all to take as long as you answer in full honesty in what is the best brand in quality + durability, don't say something just because it might be popular, just what is the best.. Tire: Sprockets: Chain: Levers: 4-stroke engine oil: Bars: Pre-printed backgrounds: Grips:
  7. kylew89

    The better 450...

    I mean OUT OF ktm,suzuki, or yamaha. I'm mainly looking for the best handling+reliability out of these 3 brands...
  8. I may be able to get one of these soon, but which 450, out of KTM,SUZUKI, OR YAMAHA would be the best bike to get? I already had the ktm250f and really liked it, but its the most expensive. Which bike, suspension , power, handling, +price ratio is the best?
  9. Well, is there really any price difference in this? I thought it may even be less since the rpms aren't ran up as high I guess, I dunno? Ive had a 250, so what about the 450?
  10. kylew89

    Bikes stole in maryland...

    Thats how it is around here, or was anyway, the wrong people in town found out I had bikes and stole them when I would least expect it. Yeah I race Delmarva Series, that was when I fractured my ankle/heel when the bike was stuck on me. I race some MAMA races too, I missed a couple that I planned earlier this year because of my injury, but I'll race some later this year. Yeah that would be cool to hang out, I don't really have anyone to talk to except like 1 or 2 people that come to the track with me. I haven't been around the sport long so not too many people know me. Anyway, not sure what track I'll be at, but for about a month I'll probably be on a 98 yz125 with the number 98 on it, but if its at a race the number will be 89. haha as if it was hard enough to do good in 125B on my 2005 250f, oh well, I'm going to give it everything I can either way.
  11. kylew89

    Bikes stole in maryland...

    Dorchester County, Cambridge area, I live about 20 miles from Cambridge down in the country but I know the bikes are up in Cambridge somewhere because we seen one of them. We actually chased the kid through like the projects, he was a ttr-125(it wasn't MY bike but it was a friends bike that happened to be in my shed the night they stole the bikes), he got a headstart on us because we had to turn around real quick, then we got stuck behind a car, and we didn't know our way around them that great. We thought he ditched it in this patch of woods in this field by some houses because when we came by, he walked out all slow like he was just walkin around and when he saw the car he ran back in the woods so he must of picked it up and took off where we couldn't see him. We didn't want to ride over to where the houses were because we thought he might of went in and told some friends about us chasin him and we didn't want to take the risk of getting shot or somethin so we called the cops. After they finally got there, we followed them to that area, they seen the tire tracks and stuff but I guess it didn't really do any good. Thats what makes me believe my ktm250f and rm125 is right there somewhere, but I almost don't want to find them because the oil ring in my 250f was bad so it took up alot of oil really quick, you always had to put some in it after about 20 min., there was barley any it the night before it was stole so I'm sure if they ever started it, its blown up already, so they probably trashed it. My 125 wasn't all together when they stole that because I was working on it to get ready to sell it, but they stole the parts with it. Probably trashed that already too, its ridiculous. In 30 days from when they were stole, I'll have enough insurance from the both bikes together to get a new 250f, its a new bike, but it leaves me out of the money I was going to sell the 125 for, also it leaves me out of racing seriously for the next month, luckily I can borrow someones 125 even though I haven't 2-stroked it in over a year. I don't care, at least I still get to practice a little tiny bit and race till I get whatever I get.
  12. kylew89

    Bikes stole in maryland...

    In a garage and no they weren't locked up. I use to when I first got them because I was just extra worried because it was new, but nobody has ever stole anything down here, its been such a safe place, the way it was, if I wanted to I could just leave my bike or somethin by the road for a week and it would be alright, but I guess its not like that anymore. Luckily I do have insurance on both bikes so I'll be able to get a new one(in 30 days if its not found), I doubt we will find the bikes but you never know I guess. We have plennnty of guns here too, but nobody heard nothing, it was storming all night and raining real hard, normally my dogs bark at any sound and go crazy but they never barked once. Whenever I get a bike again, wether its a new one or my original one, its going to definatley be heightened security around my garage and house.
  13. kylew89

    Bikes stole in maryland...

    My bikes just got stolen sometime between 3am-7am, I don't even want to believe it but they did. I had a 2005 KTM 250sx-f, a 2003 Suzuki rm125, and a boys bike that I was working on for him(yamaha ttr125) got stole too. Also a beat-up honda sports quad that didn't even run was almost stolen too, its about 1/4 down the road in the ditch, guess they left it there once they figured out it didn't even run. Theres a little opening in the woods down the road where my dad hunts, I can see where they pulled their truck in or whatever in that spot... I'm guessing they pushed the bikes down the road to that spot and put them in the truck and probably couldn't push the quad up because it could barley move and probably when they relized the kickstarter don't even move they just left it in the ditch, thanks, i was really hoping you didn't steal the quad that don't even run, really appreciate you taking my bikes.........f**king a**holes
  14. kylew89

    Where to Watch?

    Everywhere is pretty good, I mean you can pretty much walk right up to the track anywhere around there, its really really spectator friendly!! I'll be there too, but I got some bad news for you, won't see no bubba scrubs according to racerXill.com , it says bubba out for budds creek!
  15. kylew89

    Camping at seaford?

    Does it cost anything to stay/camp at seaford the day before a race?