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  1. StevieRMZ450

    RM-Z 450 Duel Pipe

    Can ayone explain to me why 4 stroke exhausts are so much more expensive? I have an RMZ 450 and I can't beleive how much the pipes are for it. You almost have to finance the darn things.
  2. StevieRMZ450

    who makes those 2 step seats?

    I pulled off my seat cover and shaved about an inch inch an an half near the tank. That's a good idea about the glue though i didn't even think of that. Did anyone have trouble cutting a smooth slope? Mine's a little jagged but for me I had to. I'm 5'5" on a 05 RMZ 450, could hardly reach the ground let alone start the dang thing. Helped alot!
  3. StevieRMZ450

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    Answer Helmet custom painted by streight edje, my cousin went to high school with him. Free paint job Score!
  4. StevieRMZ450

    MXoN on TV

    I know this probably has been discussed but since this year's MXoN is supposed to be the most popular ever, does anyone know if any networks will be covering it and showing it in the U.S.? If not does anyone know if they sell DVD copies after the fact?
  5. StevieRMZ450

    Bubba Calls It A Year

    Where do you get this information that RC will be retiring? Why would he retire? He's only 25.
  6. StevieRMZ450

    RIP Javad Palizbanian

    Sure are!
  7. StevieRMZ450

    some MX trivia

    After Pro Circuit he went over to Yamaha of Troy and then Emig's team. But what is he up to now?
  8. StevieRMZ450

    some MX trivia

    That's for sure Casey Johnson! Does anyone know what he's up to now days? He's riding for Emig of course, I miss Jeffro! My favorite rider of all time, may not of been the GOAT but he is definately an honorable mention outdoors!
  9. StevieRMZ450

    knee braces

    EVS vision knee Braces. $250 for a pair.
  10. StevieRMZ450

    Dirt Rider Product of the Year

    EVS Vision Knee Braces - The most affordable with a high level of protection.
  11. StevieRMZ450

    Displaying red sticker on bike

    White Bros also make clear plastic a sleeve for it.
  12. StevieRMZ450

    Adelanto Grand Prix

    Flat landing?
  13. StevieRMZ450

    Adelanto Grand Prix

    Any body got some pics of this water hole jump?
  14. StevieRMZ450

    Adelanto Grand Prix

    I just bought a camelback so I can do some high speed long rides in the desert to get some practice. Do you think I will net the camelback in the GP?
  15. StevieRMZ450

    Adelanto Grand Prix

    So how big is the mx section?