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  1. anyway to remove decals from s gas tank w/o ruining paint
  2. my engine makes this rattle sound as I tilt the bike up off the kickstand then goes away soon as as I tilt it back.Here is a link to A video I took so you can hear it. Anybody have any idea what it is?
  3. Nothing to do with the kickstand. It comes on as soon as the bike tilts slightly to the right.
  4. Anybody else want to make an educated guess? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have read through all the threads on this subject but never really found an answer. I was hoping if people could actually hear what I am talking about I could get to the bottom of it.
  6. I just bought my 7 year old son a crf 50. I have adjusted the clutch but there is a huge hesitation from the time you give gas till the clutch engages. does'nt seem to slip once it gets going and it shifts fine. its a 2007 and it looks like it was ridden very little. any help would be appreciated i
  7. I am comparing it to the chinese 50cc 4 wheeler he had before.even with the throttle limited it seemed to engage instantly as gas was applied.with his limit screw out all the way it still seems like the rpms have to be really high before it engages. is this normal for the crf 50s.
  8. I guess my question is how do I make the clutch engage as soon as the throttle is applied.
  9. Is this scuffing normal wear or is something wrong? Also with this current jetting how many turns out should the pilot air screw be? drz400s aftermarket old style fcr yoshi full stainless steel exhaust 500 ft elev. emm needle clip 3 #160 mainjet #38 pilotjet 200 main air jet 60 starterjet fuel screw 2 turns pilot air screw 1 turn out? ran fine with stock exhaust but with yoshi it started bogging wot runs great from closed to 3/4 throttle ran it with the airbox lid off seamed a little better then taped off 1/3 of the 3x3 hole put cover back on airbox seemed slightly worse do I need a smaller mainjet.
  10. thank you I will try a 155
  11. carb is from carbpartswarehouse and since I just put on rs3 exhaust I thought I would ckeck and see what jetting they is a drz400s stock except for the exhaust. Elevation is 500 ft roughly. ocemm needle clip 4 fuel screw 2 tuns out main jet 160 pilot jet 38 main air jet 200 pilot air screw 1 turn out runs pretty good but it seemed like it started hesitating when it warmed up at mid to wot like it was running out of gas. never did that till I put on the rs3 any help would be aprreciated.
  12. the bike ran fine before the rs3 and the rs3 has the insert in it I was under the impression it would be about the same.could the rs3 cause it to need a 155 main instead of the 160.
  13. seems better at clip 3 but still bogs at wot and only in gears 3rd through 5th. I did notice the pump squirt seems weak at first then shoots a steady stream. At first it dribbles out.
  14. sorry,pilot air screw old style fcr. seemed a little better with airbox lid off and the insert in the rs3 but still does not seem to rev out and the more load on the engine the worse it is.
  15. I searched through all the jetting info an d the only thing in question is the 38 pilot and the emm needle I quess.
  16. my bike idles fine but as soon as I touch the gas it dies.With the choke out I can ride it but once the choke is pushed in and I give it any amount of throttle it will die.It used to do the same thing but once warmed up it would be fine now it does it even after being warmed up. Any idea what would cause that?
  17. slide plate not broken square end is down sea level pilot jet 48 starter jet 65 pilot air jet 100 obdvr needle pos. 4 main air jet 200 main jet 180 cleaned and re-assembled yesterday runs much better. have not ridden it, but it would rev up with choke off. Alot of backfiring though. gas comming from overflow guess I didn't adjust the float right. Intake boot looks ok but with the clamps botttomed out I can still turn the carb.I sprayed around the boot but did not get any idle fluctuation
  18. I would have to ride for a minute with the choke on but then it would run fine all day.I have had it for a few years and have always had to ride it with the choke on first, no matter how long it idled to warm up.the end of last season my choke ritual stopped working and when I turn off the choke it will die if I give it any gas.I have taken the carb apart to clean it but it did not help. I now have it taken apart again anything I should be looking for?
  19. bike starts and idles fine, but if I give it gas with the choke off it will die.I used to just ride it for a few seconds with the choke on then turn it off and it would be fine. Now it doesn't seem to matter what I do. I have dissassembled the carb and cleaned it out but It did not help.Also checked for leaks in intake boot and found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. will that muzzy exhaust system at 58 cycle fit the S model
  21. went to clean my air filter to find it is falling apart. 2900 miles on it I clean with kerosene and oil with maxima foam filter oil. Little chunk came out of filter and is mushed in the screen. also is torn around the lip.Am I doing something wrong
  22. now its No kerosene at all I thought it was the universal filter cleaner I will try just soap and water thanks BTW the rim grease I was using was no toil green snotty looking crap and the rim of the filter was really falling apart any connection or just because of the kerosene
  23. chesterfield valley powersports 61.50 ordered twin air from rockymountain for 23.99. I wonder if the local dealers around me ever actually sell any parts
  24. I get it so the kerosene in my filter probably ate it up. called local dealer to get new one and all they had was stock one for $61.50 are they crazy.I ordered twin air I will just have to wait a few days. note to self wash kerosene out of filter with soap and water.Thanks
  25. i clean with kerosene then rinse the kerosene off with water