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  1. 1997 XR400 Freshy!! Greetings TTers, I have made the jump from my old XR350 to a nice cream puff '97 XR400. Zero mods, stock bars and brush guards even! So, I see lots of talk about pumper carbs, cr front ends, airbox fun, choke-plates, pipes, and what-not, what's what? What should I do to open this thing up? Looking forward to your collective response...
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    potential xr350 teardown

    Hey everyone out there in TT land, I have a 1983 XR350 in need of at least rings. To get to the top end on this bike, you have to remove the engine from the frame. While it's out, should i just send the whole thing to XR's only for a complete and thorough overhaul, or should i just fix the rings and hope for the best? Thanks for the advice, folks. Ride on.