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  1. 04-250f

    Scrub a dub dub

    Hey sapp was that out at Legends by chance?
  2. 04-250f

    Jetting help 07 Kx250f

    Haha it's all good. I got the yosh cause it was brand new still in package for 300 and its the full pro series 700 dollar system never used. Not sure on the elevation but i have a 42 pilot jet in it already, but i don't think im three turns out on the screw yet so i will try that an see.
  3. 04-250f

    Jetting help 07 Kx250f

    Ok i had the jetting all perfect for race gas and all that. I just put a Full Yoshimura exhaust on it and now it backfires on Decelleration. Would it be my pilot jet? and if so, should i go bigger or smaller.
  4. Sweet pics man. Looks like an fun track.
  5. Another Jimmy albertson vid. Awesome
  6. 04-250f

    Goon video... Pretty funny!

    Thats my boy Jimmy Albertson.
  7. 04-250f

    Your biggest jump!

    You can go alot bigger on a 150f. Thats little compared to some of the 150fs that i have seen ride.
  8. 04-250f

    u will laugh @ this!!!!

    I would say that your brakes are not tight, you probably switched up your wheel spacers and need to switch to other side of the wheel. They are different sizes for a reason.
  9. 04-250f

    Real 07 review

    Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good bike this year. I might have to make the switch from yamaha to kawi this year. Thank you very much for the review.Give us an update to how it holds up after you put a couple more hard hours on it.
  10. 04-250f

    Injuries Lets Hear Em

    I tore my acl,pcl,mcl and tore up the cartilage in my right knee last june and just had surgery august 31 and hope to be back on the bike late feb to middle of march.
  11. 04-250f


    Definately sell the bike now. It is no longer good and must be gotten rid of. Just don't tell the person who buys it.
  12. 04-250f

    Knee Braces

    Definately spend the money. There still cheaper alot cheaper than surgery on your knee. I tore my acl,pcl,mcl,and the cartilage in my knee and i had surgery and going through rehab and i am going to get a Cti2 for my bad knee and nothing less than an asterisks on my good knee.
  13. 04-250f

    LP Mud Release - Bike Washing

    go to home depot and get stuff called zep505 it works wonders. 5 bucks for a huge jug of it. i have tried everything and nothing works as good.
  14. Jimmy albertson ended up 16 moto 1 not to bad for his first pro race. Bike problems in the second moto. Better luck next time Jimmy.